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Cold Room Systems are designed to meet your expectations and to raise your business and quality standards in every sense. The design of our systems is divided into parts to achieve 100% efficiency. Each piece has been perfected in accordance with the area in which it is used, thus maximizing the quality of work.

Cold Room Systems meet the needs of the industrial sector while they also provide heat, water, sound insulation and fire safety depending on the insulation structure. In addition to being affordable, aesthetic and high quality, it protects the building securely from external atmospheric conditions.

Teknotek Cooling Systems serves in our country and abroad. In recent years, it has been used for the roof, facade and interior of social buildings, industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, shopping malls at an affordable price. Cold room systems that can be used as coating material in cold rooms meet your demands at the most affordable prices.

What are Cold Room Systems?

Cold storage preserves the freshness of food products. In order to achieve this, there are some rules that must be followed during the cold room installation and use.

  • Before the cold storage is installed, factors should be calculated and projected, such as the type of product to be stored, the amount of stock, and the input-output density.
  • Air leakage from the cold storage should be minimized by using cold storage doors.
  • Weight loss, darkening, wrinkling and deterioration of products should be prevented by controlling humidity in the cold room. The most ideal humidity rate should be adjusted according to the product to be stored.
  • Cold storage shelves should be used so that the materials in the room do not affect the climate values.
  • It should be ensured that the cold air is evenly spread over the entire surface of the warehouse. For this, an industrial cooler is used.
  • The products should be arranged and stored in such a way that they do not obstruct the air flow.
Cold Room Suppliers Manufacturers

What is Cold Room Equipment?

Cold storages are temperature-controlled rooms that keep perishable products such as fruits, vegetables and meat without spoiling. It adjusts the ideal temperature for the products by monitoring. Continuous air cooling is provided by equipment such as humidifiers and cooling units.

Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels are examined in three parts as Industrial Panel, Wall & Ceiling and Floor. These panels, which are produced with an eccentric locking system, can be easily assembled and disassembled. Cold Storage Panels are produced in 114 cm width and any desired length up to 1200 cm. Cold Storage Panels are produced in a wide range of thicknesses between 6cm and 20cm. It can be used in all areas, from process areas to freezing warehouses. They have the features to meet all needs.

Cold Room Doors

Cold Room Doors provide thermal insulation of cold stores. They are state-of-the-art products that offer 100% heat and sound insulation by preventing all contact with the room and external factors. Cold storage doors also have economic and ecological benefits.

Cooling Units

Cooling Units are produced under the distributorship of Teknotek Cooling Systems and under the name of Tekno Cold Cooling Units. Cooling units for cold storage, produced in monoblock and split types, are environmentally friendly high-tech devices with microprocess digital control and automatic defrosting. They can be installed quickly and easily.

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains are an isolation tool that is used extensively for door and space partition. While reducing hot-cold air losses, it increases economic efficiency with energy saving. It is an ideal product for the separation of cold storage doors, shipping doors, factory and warehouse doors, food production facilities, paint shop doors, kitchen doors, steam rooms and all kinds of production areas.


One way to remove excess moisture from the air is to cool it below the dew point. Humidifiers can be used for this. As you know, salt in the kitchen gets damp in summer and it becomes difficult to flow from the salt shaker. Because table salt (sodium chloride) is a substance that retains moisture very easily. But since it corrodes metals, it is not suitable for use as a dehumidifier. For this purpose, silica gel (silica gel) and lithium chloride are mostly used. When a substance like silica gel is spread on a tray and moist air is passed over it, the substance absorbs all the moisture from the air until it reaches the saturation point. This tray is then automatically driven out and replaced by a new tray filled with dry gel. The moist gel is also heated and reactivated when it dries.

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