Teknotek Cold Storage Rooms

Our cold storage facilities equipped with the latest technology are designed to store your products in ideal conditions. Contact us now for hygienic and reliable storage.

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Teknotek Cold Storage Rooms

Our cold storage facilities equipped with the latest technology are designed to store your products in ideal conditions. Contact us now for hygienic and reliable storage.

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There is a high demand for cold storage, particularly for commercial applications. Protecting the cold environment is essential for businesses that manufacture food and medical devices. Products for cold storage rooms, which function with the greatest efficiency in such circumstances, advance.

The industry of cold storage of goods is one that demands expertise. Our customers deserve to be able to access the best products at the most competitive rates! Teknotek has the chilly room remedies you deserve! You can ask us questions about our goods by filling out the form on the page.

How much is the cold storage room price? The technological specifications of the equipment used in the warehouses have a direct impact on the costs. Because of the way these characteristics affect how much cooling and how much material the gadget can hold. With our cutting-edge machinery, we at Teknotek Cooling Systems are here to be your answer partner! You can get in touch with us for any products you might require from our cold room warehouse.

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Industrial Cold Room Storage

Both producers and retailers must have access to cold storage in order to keep their goods properly. Some nutrients and medicinal supplies might need to be cooled, while others might need to be frozen. Cold storage facilities can be used to keep all fragile goods. Examples include vegetables, meat and dairy products, vaccines, and dairy products.

When viewed from a commercial perspective, cold stores have a very broad usage range. The food will be delivered to the producer in the best possible condition if the cold chain is kept in tact. The reputation of the business may improve with the use of fresh products. Our products effortlessly deliver the cooling values needed for industry. These numbers are displayed below.

  • Cooling: +15 / -5 °C
  • Freeze: 0 / -40 °C

Our cutting-edge cooling products have completely automatic cooling controls with overload protection. We can provide you with the most effective tools with our heat tracking systems and monorail sliding door options!

The goal of cold storage room manufacturers is to create the products needed by the businesses in the most economical manner possible. The size of the refrigerated storage facilities directly relates to the size of the goods that will be kept there. Numerous initiatives can be created with this goal in mind.

Freezing Room

Cold Storage Room for Sale

Teknotek, based in Turkey, provides industrial solutions to the entire globe! Installing a cold shop requires careful consideration of a few key factors. The first of these is the anticipated area that will be occupied by the intended cooling product group. Additionally, the temperatures that will be required to freeze or cool the products should be understood. The cooling required must be provided by the cooling devices’ technological specifications.

Most nutrients do not require a freezing interval at temps below -40. However, it may be necessary to store some unique medical goods at lower temperatures. One illustration would be certain vaccines. For your cold shop, you might need sliding doors, curtain systems, or humidifiers. To satisfy your requirements without incurring unnecessary costs is simpler than you might imagine.

The build a cold storage room process is quite complex. Total quality control is something that cold storage manufacturers are encouraged to focus on, according to Teknotek. It manufactures its products according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Don’t forget to contact us for your cold room storage for sale needs! Remember to get in touch with us if you need cold room storage for sale!


PVC Strip Curtain

As Teknotek, we offer cold room pvc strip curtains specially designed for the food industry. These curtains, which block the cold air coming out of the door of your industrial cold rooms, are an ideal solution to protect your food, fruits and beverages. Flexible, durable and insulated, our curtains are an excellent investment for your business by saving energy.

We recognise the importance of protecting your products for the food industry. Therefore, our products are made from high quality materials and are easy to install. Customer satisfaction is our priority, offering customised solutions to suit the needs of your business.

If you are in the food industry and want to protect the quality of your products, discover Teknotek’s cold room pvc strip curtain solutions. With our high quality and affordable products, increase the efficiency of your business and offer the best products to your customers.