What Are Applications Of Chillers? Cooling systems are used in all production and manufacturing facilities as a cooling solution in large and multi-storey buildings. The industrial chillers which are managed from a single center and meet the cooling requirements in different fields have very comprehensive and diverse applications.

If you ask what are applications of chillers, we can say that your company’s needs are an important factor. The system to be used is being designed in accordance with size of the facility, sector, departments to be worked, number of employees, desired cooling values, windows in the space and heat losses.

What Are Applications Of Chillers Compatible With Needs?

The usage area of ​​the water chiller should be preferred where there are cooling towers and close to water sources. It can be used for businesses wherever desired in accordance with these requirements.

Air chillers are preferred in following areas:

  • Where water is less available or where water is expensive,
  • Very cold areas,
  • Places where temperature difference is excessive day and night,
  • Where the increase in electricity costs is not very important,
  • Where dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures are low.

Usage Areas of Chillers

Chillers have a wide range of applications. In particular, it can be used in all projects that require cooling, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Factories
  • Plastic manufacturing plants
  • Shoe manufacturing facilities
  • Cosmetic manufacturing facilities
  • Textile and spinning industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paint production facilities
  • Industrial production facilities
  • Cold storages
  • Plastic and metal injection systems
  • Foundry Industry
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Jewelery industry

Industrial chillers are specially manufactured for corporate needs. You can get support from Teknotek Cooling for your specific project applications.

The food industry, one of the most important sectors in the world, cannot produce without cooling systems. Therefore, the food industry is the most demanding cooling system. Food industry chillers should be preferred among reliable brands.

If you want to get professional service for chiller installation in food industry and other sectors, you can benefit from our sectoral experience and expert technician team. Taking a free discovery service allows you to define your needs. With our service, we can meet your all requirements quickly and smoothly such as maintenance, repair, spare parts and accessory.

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What Are Applications Of Chillers Compatible With Needs