Teknotek Soğutma Services

By exceeding our customers expectations, we generate integrated solutions in industrial cold storage and cooling systems.

Cold Room Panels

Cold room and cold storages are fast practical solutions for your warehouses by modern preserving the features of the product safely.

Cold Room Doors

Hinged Doors (Industrial Cold Room Doors), Sliding Doors (Industrial Cold Room Doors), Monorail Pass Hinged Doors (Industrial Cold Room Doors)

Cold Room Shelving

Cold room shelving provides that the cold storage area is used with maximum efficiency and that cold air is distributed evenly to each point in the storage.

Refrigeration Systems

As the most crucial part of the sector is comprised of originality and high quality, warehouse refrigeration systems play a very important role.

Humidifying Equipment

The air can only hold a certain amount of water vapour at a certain temperature. The relative humidity of the saturated air, which cannot keep more moisture, is 100 percent.

Temperature Monitoring Systems

Monitoring any kind of stationary or moving heat and humidity values in vaccine rooms, laboratories, data processing rooms transport transportation vehicles, cold-storage and so on.

Humidification Systems

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Statistics Of Teknotek

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Why Teknotek Refrigeration ?

13 Years of Experience in the Sector.

Teknotek aims to provide the best service with its 13 years of sector experience and experienced expert staff.

Quality Material & Quality Workmanship

Teknotek uses the highest quality materials in the systems that your business needs and provides first class installation support.

Customer Satisfaction

From the first contact of our customers to the delivery of the material or work, our priority is to make our customers feel satisfied because of working with Teknotek.

Fast & Uninterrupted Service

Cold rooms are chilled volumes that run 24 hours a day and the precious products are stored in these volumes. In order to provide a healthy service to your cold storages, Teknotek has a strong staff and vehicle park.

Expert Team

The technical support team received trainings makes installations and the technical services of Tekno-Tek products, machinery, panels, electrical and refrigeration techniques.

24/7 Service Support

Our services that you can reach 24 hours a day, 365 days, will solve your problems in the most efficient way without the problem of spare parts.

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