Cold Room Shelves

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Cold Room Shelves

Cold Room Shelves are the systems that bring many advantages depending on the usage area. With its economically viable prices, it assists in the cooling and storage of cold storage.

Stainless Steel Cold Room Shelves are one of our highest quality and standard products. Our product, which consists of 304 quality stainless steel, is ideal for cold storage, wet and humid environments. It has a very hard and durable surface against oxidation and scratching.
Chromium-Nickel-Plated Shelf Systems are one of our excellent products which are produced by chromium plating and nickel-chrome. This combination is formed by electrochemical coating and has a bright appearance. Chromium, which is hard and durable, is included in our systems as both cheap and eye-catching material.

Painted Cold Room Shelves, powder coating was applied to the material electrostatically and baked at 200 degrees. For decorative purposes, it is generally preferred for home, office and dry warehouses.

Technical Specifications of Cold Room Racks

Cold Room Shelves consist of rods, have a solid structure fixed to each other in the form of mesh corners and joint reinforced zigzag. To increase its durability, the polyurethane foot holders are used to tighten the conical parts in the corners. The legs of the system are made of 25 mm fully insulated pipe for stability and perfect balance. There are also knuckles in our system, which is 25 mm.

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