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Cold Storage Panels

Cold Storage Panels are an indispensable part of warehouse cooling systems and industrial cooling systems. If you want to perform any enclosure cooling, you must have cold storage panels for full efficiency and cooling.

Nowadays, many companies and owners have financial losses due to insufficient and unbalanced product cooling. These losses are greatly increased due to incorrect storage, improper cooling, and incorrect cooling systems. As Teknotek Cooling Systems we continue to offer you stable, efficient, quality and economical solutions.

We provide the best indoor cooling process for you with our Cold Storage Panels and other warehouse cooling systems. With our security systems, we prevent any problems in cooling process.

In addition, we provide you with the ability to monitor and change the temperature and temperature controls of your area 24/7 with Heat Tracking Systems. We offer you economical and efficient solutions with PVC Curtain Systems. With more than 14 years of experience with our Cooling Systems, we continue to serve you. If you want to have high-quality standards at the best prices for our product quality, you can contact us immediately.

Cold Storage Panels Technical Specifications

Cold Storage Panels are divided into four groups according to their functions and where they are used. These panels used in cold storage depots give excellent results in thermal insulation in terms of their durability, ease of installation and technical qualities. All of our panels are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards. Restaurant, patisserie, supermarket, industrial cold stores, hospitals can be used in the ideal size according to different areas of use. It provides maximum energy saving by creating High Thermal Insulation.

  • Floor Panel and Insulation
  • Wall and Ceiling Panel
  • Roof and Wall Panel
  • Industrial Cold Storage Panel

Cold Storage Panels are produced in every size up to 1.14 m width up to 12 m. Cold Storage Panels thickness varies between 6cm and 20cm.

It can be used in all kinds of areas up to the quenching warehouses and it has the features to answer all your needs. Cold Storage Panels exterior coating can be made of materials such as galvanized sheet, polyester painted sheet and stainless chromium-nickel sheet. The panels are manufactured by making polyurethane filling between two sheet metal sheets.

This allows the panels to be prefabricated. In addition, Cold Storage Panels are produced with eccentric lock system. In this way, the balance and robustness has been increased up to 100%.

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