Cold Room Panels

Teknotek Cold Storage Rooms

Cold Room Panels are divided into three sections as Industrial Panel, Wall and Ceiling, Floor and Insulation. These panels produced with eccentric lock system can be easily installed and disassembled thanks to this system. Cold Room Panels are produced in any size up to 1200 cm in width of 114 cm. Cold Room Panels are produced in a wide range of thicknesses between 6cm and 20cm. It can be used in all areas from process areas to freezing warehouses. It has all the features that can be required.

Cold Room Panels can be easily applied both in steel construction structures and in reinforced concrete buildings. In this way, special solutions can be produced for the projects and the needs of our customers can be met. As a result of the application details, the installed system leads more efficiency in terms of energy saving and an extention in the life of the system.

The prefabricated panels filed with pollutants in cold storage warehouses are the ideal material which provides excellent results in thermal insulation in terms of durability, ease of installation and technical qualities. These panels can be used in the areas required international standards such as patisseries, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial cold stores, hospitals, etc. It provides maximum energy saving by creating high thermal insulation.

Features of Cold Room Panels

Industrial Panel

Cold rooms and storages are fast and practical solutions for your healthy, safe and modern storage facilities without losing the features of the product to be stored. Cold storages are produced in desired dimensions, specifications and project applications. Wall – Ceiling – Floor Panels can be produced in thicknesses of 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm, width of 1114 mm and optionally from 500 mm to 12.000 mm. The panels are injected with polyurethane hard foam having a density of 42 kg / m3 between the surfaces. Panel design is connected to each other by special eccentric lock system. This feature allows moving to different places within the enterprise and enlarging the additional cold storage.

Wall & Ceiling Panel

Cold Storage Wall and Ceiling Panels reduce your energy costs thanks to the CE Certified Polyurethane filling that provides high thermal insulation. It helps to maintain the quality of the products in your cold store for a long time. Panels are produced on both surfaces (PVC) (Polyester) (Cr-Ni) (Galvanized). Depending on the application and usage area, it is produced in the same or optional surface selections.

Floor Panels & Insulation

Standard floor panels; inner surface of 12 mm thickness, surface layers of original birch wood, non-slip, moisture-repellent, hygienic and practical, easy to maintain, dark brown top, hexagonal texture 240 gr / m2 density phenolic resin laminate covered plywood, outer surface 0,50 mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel. Floor panels are capable of carrying a uniform load of 3,000 kg / m2 (PLW + Galv) (PVC + KON + Galv) (Mat Cr – Ni + KON + Galv) Optionally produced as steel sheet.