Industrial Ducting Cold Storage, which operates with a vapor compression or air pressure (absorption) cycle, is a system that cools a product with an economic value or moistens the air in commercial facilities. There are different types of cold stores in conformity with the usage feature, the purpose of use and the width of the area.

 Industrial Ducting Cold Storage Types

There are 3 kinds of industrial cold storage equipments:

  • Air cooled storage
  • Water cooled storage
  • Evaporative cold storage

There are 4 different kinds of each of industrial ducting cold storage devices with cooling capacity up to 1000 tons. The first three of them work with electric motors, the fourth is a mechanical device operating with steam or gas turbines:

  1. Industrial cold storage with Reciprocating Compressor
  2. Industrial cold storage with Centrifugal Compressor
  3. Industrial cold storage with Screw Compressor
  4. Industrial cold storage with Absorption Compressor

Industrial Ducting Cold Storage Properties

Industrial Ducting Cold Storage
Industrial Cold Storage

Industrial ducting cold storage types consists four components: evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve. One of them is piston compressor which uses pistons driven by the crankshaft. The piston compressor, which operates at a very high pressure, ensures that a small amount of refrigerant is delivered. It can have 3 to 60 horsepower and carry double voltage in cold storage, usually with semi-hermetic piston.
The centrifugal compressor, which is the most preferred one, have the less mobile part compared to other types of compressors and saves energy. The hermetic, sealed and magnetic bed centrifugal compressor uses the centrifugal force applied to an air mass in order to perform compression. Industrial cold storage with Centrifugal Compressor which has a higher cooling power is also suitable for low pressure areas with cold storage, high volume ventilation fans, cooling units or air circulation systems. This type of industrial cold storage cools hundreds of tons of product.
Screw compressors consists of two screws, male and female, assembled on the fixed body. When the rotors rotate in the screw compressor, the gas is compressed by direct volume reduction between the two rotors. The industrial ducting cold storage with the screw compressor which is semi-hermetic, sealed, double voltage and having 40 to 1000 horsepower, uses a single rotary screw that passes through two star wheels in order to perform compression.

The Maintenance of Industrial Ducting Cold Storage

Cold storage equipment with high efficiency should be maintained regularly. The industrial cold store, which is regularly maintained by the service, is used for a long time and doesn’t have a decrease in cooling capacity. The cold storage devices produced by Teknotek Cooling System have a firm guarantee.

What is the suitable place for the industrial Cold Storages?

Cold storage devices in mechanical equipment rooms should be close to the area to be cooled inside the building. in some cases it can also be placed in open air areas. At this point, our technical support team with years of experience will help you to find the right installation point before installing the cold store. You can call our contact numbers for information about the high quality cold stores of Ankara Teknotek Cooling Systems.

Industrial Ducting Cold Storage