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Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Doors are responsible for the heat insulation and the balance of the cold stores formed with the cooling systems. As is known, cooling of an area, as well as providing heat insulation, is important both economically and for energy saving. We are at your service with our high technology products that we offer to you as techno cooling systems. Through Cold Room Doors, you can have Cold Storage and standards where both heat and sound insulation is provided 100%.

Cold Storage Doors can be used for many reasons. Because of these differences, many people make a mistake when choosing a cold storage door and choose the wrong product. First of all, Cold Storage Door varies depending on the area to be used, the transitions of the area, the dimensions of the passages and of course the users’ wishes. Especially door dimensions are one of the most decisive factors. Therefore, professional assistance is required. Together with our expert teams, we carry out the necessary inspections and ensure that our systems with installation and easy installation are put into operation as soon as possible.

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Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Door Systems and standards can be used in any environment where thermal insulation is required. Cold Storage Doors are divided into 5 sections according to their functions, standards, and area of ​​use. These;

  • Monorail Sliding Door
  • Monorail Hinged Door
  • Hinged Type Doors
  • Flip – Flap Doors
  • Sliding door

Cold Storage Doors are among our preferred products in cold and frozen storage rooms and shock rooms. Our customers often use these gates to ensure the storage and preservation of food products. Hygiene is, therefore, one of the most important factors. Therefore, Cold Storage Doors are produced by using appropriate anti-bacterial materials for HACCP boards.

Cold Storage Doors System Features

Cold Room Doors thickness is 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm. It varies in thickness depending on the door selection and purpose of use. Cold Room Door Systems aims to prevent possible perspiration and heat losses due to constant contact with the external environment. For this reason, our door systems are equipped with specially designed wing frame profiles, air channel wing gasket, and heat barrier. As surface material in doors; PVC coated galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet and polyester painted galvanized sheet are used. The door of our doors can be produced from the same aluminum profile if desired.

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