The most important issue for production centers and companies that want to buy a chiller is to decide between Air chiller and Water chiller.
When purchasing Air Chiller and Water Chiller, it is necessary to consider the size of the place where the system will be installed, energy consumption, whether there will be personnel to perform maintenance, desired cooling values, whether heating and cooling is desired in the place or not.

Features of Air Chiller and Water Chiller

Air chiller systems reduce the temperature of the refrigerant gas which has a high temperature in the condenser units by means of ambient air. In water chiller devices, this task is performed by shell & tube heat exchangers. Although both chiller systems have a wide usage area, which one is preferred varies according to the usage area and sector. In general, air chillers have lower performance than water chillers. But under some conditions air chillers are preferred.
When choosing a chiller, it is useful to compare the following situations and make the selection according to these points.

Technical Specifications of Air Chillers and Water Chillers

  • The capacity of air chillers decrease by about 1% for every increase in outdoor temperature of 1 ° At the same time, the power of the compressor increases by about 1%.
  • For those who say which chiller model should be taken, capacity decreases as the height increases in air-cooled groups. This is about 1% in Ankara.
  • Those who are concerned about how to choose a chiller should know that the compressors of water chillers draw about 17-37% less power than the compressors of air chillers.
  • In reciprocating air chillers, the capacity is reduced by about 32% when R134a is used instead of R22. But, the COP may be better than the type of group as the drawn power is reduced.
  • Water chillers draw between 17-30% less power than air chiller groups, even if all the pumps and tower fans are included.
  • COPs of water chillers are 30-60% (sometimes more) better than air chillers. You can also look at your question whether we should buy air chiller or water
  • Condensation pressure in water chillers is 25% lower than air chillers.
  • You should also consider the weights when choosing a chiller. Water chillers have an average weight of 22-35% less than air
  • The projection area of water chillers is approximately 70% lower than air chillers, but there is a need of tower.
  • The initial investment costs of water chiller systems are 25% lower than air chiller systems.

Teknotek Chiller Systems

As the capacity of chillers grows, water chillers become more economical in terms of both operational and initial investment costs.
Considering the above advantages and disadvantages, you can find the answer to your question whether you should buy an air chiller or a water chiller. If you are still confused and ask which chiller model to buy, you can consult with Teknotek sales consultants.

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