Chiller Cooling Systems offer industrial cooling solutions that are advantageous in terms of both usage and cost. In particular, the chiller meets the cooling needs of production plants and large-scale buildings, while recovering the investment costs in a short time with its advantages.
Chiller Cooling Systems have different advantages for each sector and selected model. Chiller cooling systems with maximum operating efficiency reduce energy costs because of their low energy consumption. The advantages of the chiller system will be better understood by use.

Why Is Chiller Cooling Systems Preferred?

The first advantage of the chiller cooling system is that it has a technology working between -30 °C and + 30 °C and it can be used in all areas where cooling is needed. Other advantages of using a chiller with a flexible design and long durability are:

  • Large or low capacity system can be installed as required.
  • It has low and high pressure protections.
  • It alerts you in case of malfunction
  • It meets industrial cooling needs
  • Low operating costs
  • Operating with low volume
  • It has fast cooling properties
  • Providing comfort in work areas
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Providing ease of installation

The operating system suitable for the needs is also among the advantages of the chiller. You can run as much as you want and in accordance with your sector. Advantages of using chillers include resistance and durability as well. Thanks to the low and high pressure protections, the system operates smoothly even in extreme pressures.

Alerting in case of malfunction

Chiller cooling systems alert you in case of any malfunction and minimize your breakdown and maintenance costs. Chiller systems meet the cooling needs in every area and reduce the electricity and production costs you spend. Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers can be preferred according to need.
Chiller coolers are more economical to use than other systems and reduce the amount of invoices you encounter. In terms of improved fan technology, the low noise ratio is one of the most remarkable advantages of the Chiller. Chiller cooling systems that efface their presence in the space with their silence will be ideal especially for production sites.
The ability to quickly cool the space is another advantages of chiller cooling system. The system works homogeneously thanks to its high capacity and cooling power. Teknotek, with its expert team, offers uninterrupted service support in installation of the most suitable cooling system for you.

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