Chiller room is manufactured in high quality standards and specially designed for needs. Thanks to the cold rooms that meet different demands, your company can protect its outputs under healthier conditions without deterioration to product naturalness.
Teknotek Cooling Systems determines customer needs with its years of experience and produces cooling systems with different sizes and features. Cold Keeping Room and deep freezer are manufactured by Teknotek. You can use the chiller room for long years of trouble-free storage.

Affordable Chiller Room

Food producing companies must take certain measures to preserve products until the expiration date. Our company Teknotek meets this need of the companies with its freezer rooms. With two separate freezer rooms, it is possible to store the products under proper conditions.

Cold Keeping Room

Cold keeping room is produced as standard or custom designed according to customer’s request. Cold keeping room has cooling capacity between 1kW-10kW. It has hermetic compressor and air cooled condenser. The product has CE and ISO certificate. If desired, fan speed control can be added to the freezer, thus saving energy. All condensers have copper pipes and aluminum fans. According to the needs of the company, doors of the chiler rooms are produced by using polyurethane filling in 40, 42 kg / m3 density and in thicknesses of 80, 100, 120, 150 mm. The doors to which sight glass can be added can be opened from the inside even if they are locked. The product is manufactured with IPX5 protection. It also has the following features:

  • 4500 mm width
  • 1500 mm length
  • 2400 mm height
  • 11,6 m3 volume
  • 5 V electrical power
  • 220-240V Frequency

Deep freeze

Deep freezer systems produced by our company have 2/1 shelves and 4 half doors. The device has a HACCP digital control panel. The freezer is made of stainless steel and operates at -5 to -22 ° C. The internal volume is wide and the temperature rise during defrost is minimal. Special air ducts inside the cabinet ensure optimum air distribution. In addition to shelf slides, there is a inner base with mitter cut. Monoblock design has a switch of automatic fan cut-off and LED lighting. Triple insulation zone reduces heat loss. The freezer, produced from eco-friendly HFC-Free polyurethane walls, is 80 mm insulated at 40-42 kg / m3 density to reduce energy consumption. IP21 pre-designed device with water-resistancy provides air circulation through fan. The product also has the following features:

  • 840 mm width
  • 1380 mm length
  • 2100 mm height
  • 195 kg net weight
  • 210 kg gross weight
  • 43 m3 volume
  • 1410 l Capacity
  • 220-240V Frequency
Deep Freeze