Teknotek, one of a global cold room manufacturers, has been meeting the needs of cold room and cold storage of many companies for years. Cold storages, which are preferred by those who want to keep their products fresh and natural for a long time, increase the profitability of companies in commercial terms.
Agricultural products, bakery products, aquaculture, and medical products which have a high probability of deterioration are kept in cold storage. All of these products should be kept under good conditions and preserved with their naturalness from the production until they are consumed. Teknotek, one of a global cold room manufacturers, preserve the freshness of food products through its different cold storages.

Global Cold Room Manufacturers

Our company manufactures technologies that protect products that need to be kept at low temperatures or frozen. Cold storages and cold rooms maintain a balance of temperature and humidity. In this way, all products are protected in accord with their own nature. Teknotek provides services with reasonable prices and attaches importance to customer satisfaction. Our competent staff and engineers provide the best service.

Cold Room

The first action of the companies in need of cold storage is to determine the amount of product and the size of the storage area. All kinds of products are of different weight and size. This affects the production of the cold storage. For example, you can turn a large area into a cold storage using a cold room, or install a cooling system with a central system in the area. Our company manufactures cold storages in accordance with the physical condition of the structure. It adjusts heat insulation and vapor diffusion to the highest level according to quality standards.

Design of Cold Room

Cold rooms are designed according to some criteria. These are as follows:

  • Capacity
  • Choice
  • Physical condition
  • Seasonal conditions

The cooling range of the cold storages is between + 15 ° C and -5 ° C, and the freezing range is between 0 ° C and -40 ° C. Moisture level can be adjusted according to the conditions of the product to be protected. Regardless of the nature of the product to be protected, the cooling control is either fully automatic or overload protected. In addition, it is designed including platforms suitable for loading and unloading. If you wish, you can also benefit from our other services such as heat monitoring system, cold storage doors, shelf systems, cold storafe panels and monorail sliding doors.

Global Cold Room Manufacturers