In Cold Room Panels For Sale, sandwich panels and facade panels are the components that meet the needs of the industry by making life easier. While Cold Room Panels makes the environment comfortable, it also provides heat, water, and sound insulation depending on the insulation structure as well as fire safety. In addition to the features of economic, aesthetic and high quality, it performs the protection of the structure safely from external atmospheric conditions.
Teknotek Cooling Systems have served in the recent works with an friendly and affordable approach and satisfied the customers who need service in social and industrial structures, factories and warehouses, shopping centers in our country and abroad. Cold room systems and panels which can be used as coating material in cold air rooms are ready to be offered you with the most reasonable prices.
Cold Storage Systems and Cold Room Panels offer you solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical and chemical products, as well as food products with affordable, fast and high quality and guarantee best thermal insulation. Our systems are also used in many other places such as laboratories, hospitals, meat plants, meat processing plants, seafood processing and packaging facilities, industrial designed cold storages.

Cold Room Panels For Sale
Cold Room Panels For Sale

The Technical Feautures of Cold Room Panels For Sale

Cold Room Panels are sold in three categories which are Industrial Panel, Wall, and Ceiling and Floor Insulation. These panels, which are produced with a uniqiue lock system designed, come to the fore with their easy assembly and disassembly feature. Cold Storage Panels are produced in any desired measurement up to 1200 cm length and 114 cm width. Thicknesses of Cold Storage Panels are produced in a wide range between 6cm and 20cm. It can be used in all kinds of areas, from processes to shock stores, and it can meet all needs.
Cold Storage Systems and Cold Room Panels can be easily applied in both steel construction buildings and reinforced concrete buildings. Our company provides customized solutions for projects to our costumers and meets all of their needs. The materials used make the life of the system extend and energy saving more efficient.

Industrial Ducting Cold Storage

Prefabricated panel used in Cold Storage is filled with polyurethane. The panel is the most ideal material which gives excellent results in heat insulation in terms of its durability, ease of installation and technical characteristics. All of our systems can be produced in ideal dimensions to be used in different usage areas which are established in accordance with international standards such as patisseries, restaurants, supermarkets, industrial cold rooms and hospitals. It provides maximum energy saving by performing high thermal insulation.
If you want to take advantage of our services at the most reasonable prices and the highest standards, all you have to do is contact us. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we continue to satisfy our customers with our products and services; and we contiune to grow. You can also follow our social media accounts to be informed about the campaigns and opportunities

Cold Room Panels For Sale