You can call Teknotek Cooling and get a price quote for your needs of Cold Room Panels UK. Insulated panels ensure isolation of the cold storage from external conditions are delivered to you with quality assurance of Teknotek.
Cold Room Panels UK is one of the most important links of the cooling chain and is produced in accordance with international standards. Cold Room Panels are produced by injecting 40-42 kg / m³ polyurethane between 0.50 mm thick two sheets through high pressure polyurethane machines. Panels are interlocking in male and female form and are locked separately with a specially designed eccentric lock system. This locking system allows the structures of the panels to be easily assembled and disassembled without deterioration.

Dimensions of Cold Room Panels UK

Thickness of Cold Room Panels can be 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm and 200mm. The panels can be produced in 116 cm wide and up to a maximum of 13 meters length.
Wall and Ceiling Panels are manufactured using RAL 9002 painted and Polyester coated Galvanized Sheet as a standard surface material. Optionally, it can be produced using PVC coated Galvanized Steel Sheet or 304 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel Sheet.
Floor Panels are produced in two different ways as surface material: Plywood and Plywood + 304 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel Sheet. Top surface is produced from 10 mm thick plywood which is the first quality wood with hexagonal texture, while the bottom surface is produced from 0.50 mm thick Polyester coated Galvanized sheet.

Cold Room Panel Types

  • 60 mm thick Panels (Unlocked)
  • 80 mm thick panels (Locked)
  • 100 mm thick panels (Locked)
  • 120 mm thick panels (Locked)
  • 150 mm thick panels (Locked)
  • 200 mm thick panels (Locked)

If Cold Room Panels is 60 mm thick, it is unlocked; If it is 80-100-120-150 or 200 mm thick, it is manufactured as locked. On the surfaces of the Cold Room Panel, 0.55 mm thick hot dipped galvanized sheet is used and it is painted as standart with RAL 9002 color polyester paint. In places where corrosion possibility is high, surfaces of Cold Room Panels are made of 0.60 mm AISI 304 class stainless sheet.
Generally, 60 mm Cold Room Panels are used in Air Conditioned Rooms; 80-100 mm panels are used in Cold Storage Rooms; 120-150 mm panels are used in Frozen Storage Rooms; and 200 mm panels are used in Shock Rooms. Usage areas can vary depending on local atmospheric conditions.

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