With Cold Room Refrigeration, you can keep your products fresh for a long time. Cold storage of food is the most basic food preservation method. Optimum temperature range, humidity levels, light or dark environment and air circulation are among the food storage requirements.

Most foods do not stay fresh longer than a few days unless stored in Cold Room Refrigeration. From the moment fresh product is gathered, dangerous bacteria begin to develop. So the product begins to deteriorate. Low temperatures in refrigerators stop these pathogenic fungi from growing and keep food spoilage to a minimum.

Cold Room Refrigeration ve Freezing

Refrigeration and freezing are equally popular options for most vegetables and fruits. Therefore, our cold storages have a variable temperature range for freezers and refrigerations. Cold storages are ideal for both hygienic zoning and fresh product storage in food facilities.

Freezers and coolers are ideal for companies that want to quickly cool and store food before reaching the end consumer. Some big restaurants and food and beverage companies use this product commonly. We offer great solutions with cooling room or freezer room which have incredible insulation and better energy efficiency.

PVC Curtains

PVC curtain is used at the door entrance of the cold room. It saves energy by preventing hot air from entering. PVC curtains are easy to install and maintain. Also, it does not prevent entry and exit of human and vehicle. It can be used for many years with its stainless hang. It redeem itself in a short time with the savings provided. Since it is transparent, it does not hinder entrance and exit.

Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels are an important insulation systems that helps cooling devices to work more functional. It consists of 40-42 density polyurethane injected between two sheets of 0.50 mm. Locked or unlocked options are available.Cold storage panels are used after they are mounted together to ensure storage conditions. The size is selected in accordance with the size of the area needed and the features of the products to be stored. Teknotek provides the most functional area for you with its detailed and devoted workmanship.

Even if the cooling device is selected in the largest capacity, energy losses of enterprise are permanent unless panel insulation is done correctly. The panels are modular. And they are selected by paying attention to degree of the product to be kept in cold storage and technical structure of enterprise.

In cases such as moving the business or increasing the capacity, it is disassembled and then reinstalled in its new place. Panel insulation of cold regime or frozen regime is done in different ways. They are one of the indispensable insulating materials of cold stores.

It has various types which are stainless, PVC, poly-poly, corrugated and non-corrugated. Floor Panel can be produced in three different ways.

Insulated Refrigeration Panels

Cold Room Refrigeration