The main function of cold room shelving systems is not to cool like other cold room systems. These systems provide continuity and prevent heat loss inside the cold storage. Therefore, the materials used in the system must be carefully selected and designed specifically for the intended use.
The system ensures the most efficient use of the area. Thanks to the shelves, you can easily place the products in the cold storage and you will not have any problems during storage. With the system which ensures the distribution of heat evenly over the whole area, heat and cold air are not lost. The system is designed in accordance with your storage and its standard. Cold room shelving systems meet all customer expectations.

Cold Room Shelving Systems

Systems designed to meet customers’ cooling needs have different advantages. There are 3 types of shelf systems:

  • Painted Shelving Systems,
  • Chrome-Nickel Plated Shelf Systems,
  • Stainless Steel Shelving Systems

The system has many advantages for users. While shelving systems are sold at reasonable prices, they also cool at any seasonal conditions as you want.

Features of Cold Room Shelves

The system is made of high quality materials and has a long service life. Since all parts are made of 304 quality stainless steel, it works smoothly in wet and humid environments. The surface of the product which is not rust and has hard scratch resistant.
The chrome-nickel plated shelf systems design is also very modern. This composition has an electro-chemical coating and a bright appearance. Chromium is a hard material and increases the durability of the place where it is used. Thanks to the eye-catching shelf system, the products you produce can be preserved for a long time.

Technical Specifications of Cold Room Shelving Systems

Powder paint is applied electrostatically to the cold room shelving systems to the material and then fired at 200 degrees. The product is generally used in home, office and dry warehouses. The cold room shelvings are made of rods, wicker corners and joint reinforced zigzag form. Polyamide base foot holders tighten the conical parts at the corners in order to increase their durability. The feet of the system are made of 25 mm fully insulated pipe for durability and excellent stability. In addition, there are knuckles in our system, one at 25 mm.

Cold Room Shelves