If you are looking for a cold room solutions inc, Teknotek is with you with its expert staff and reliable products.  You can request a price quote and detailed information by contacting us through our communication channels.

Teknotek as a cold room solutions inc always aims to provide the best service with its 13 years of industry experience and expert staff. We use the highest quality materials in the systems that your business needs and we provide first-class installation support.

Cold Room Solutions Inc & Humidification

Cooling Devices are our complementary systems specially produced conformity to cold storage standards. It is produced by Teknotek Cooling Systems with its smart design and latest technology systems. Cooling Devices are produced in two different types which are monoblock and split. All of our devices are designed to have microprocess digital control and automatic defrost as well as being environmentally friendly.

Cooling Devices are advanced tech devices that can be easily and quickly installed in modular cold storage and industrial cold storage.

Industrial Cold Storage Panel

Contemporary storage facilities are needed to protect the product to be stored safely without losing its freshness. Teknotek cold rooms and cold storages produce fast and practical solutions for you.

In our cold storage projects, we can manufacture in desired dimensions and features. Wall – Ceiling – Floor Panels can be produced in 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm thickness, 1000-1114 mm width and optionally from 500 mm to 12.000 mm paint. Polyurethane rigid foam with a density of 42 kg / m3 is injected between the surfaces of the panels.

Cold Room Manufacturer

Industrial Cooling Systems

There are contactors in three phase compressors of our products. It offers uninterrupted cooling guarantee thanks to 6-pole fans. Cooling Systems consist of electrostatic powder coated steel, galvanized cabinet, copper pipe, aluminum lamella condenser and high quality equipment. Thanks to the drying filters, the problem of icing is completely eliminated. In addition, cleaning can be done easily with the help of service and maintenance valve on the liquid line.

Cold storage systems that can be designed according to capacity or preference. Cooling Range is between + 15 ° C and -5 ° C. The freezing range is 0 ° C to -40 ° C and humidity control is adjusted depending on the type of product to be maintained. Regardless of what the product is, the cooling control is fully automatic and also overload protected. It is also designed to include platforms suitable for loading and unloading.

Cold Room Solutions Inc