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Teknotek Cooling among Cold Room Suppliers Manufacturers provides uninterrupted and guaranteed service with its experienced and expert technical staff. Our company reflects its experience with the quality of its products.
Teknotek Cooling draws attention with its expertise among Cold Room Suppliers Manufacturers. We maintain our leadership in the sector with the most efficient cold storage systems, and continue to be your reliable business partner with the products we export to a wide geography.

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The aim of our company is to increase the profitability of companies producing food and chemical products. This depends on keeping the products under the desired conditions. With different sizes of cold storages, it is possible to protect the products that have a high probability of deterioration without losing their freshness for a long time both in your shop and in the detached storage area you create. Our company provides the following services for the cold rooms and cold storages it manufactures:

  • Discovery
  • Assembly
  • Technical support

Therefore, Teknotek Cooling continues to be with you even after the sales of the product.

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Cold Storage and Cold Room Systems

Cold storage and cold room systems are designed to meet all your expectations. The systems produced in high quality standards are divided into parts and each part can be designed in different ways. Systems that naturalize product storage conditions meet all your needs in the best way.
In systems with highly technological insulation structure, there is heat, water and sound insulation as well as fire safety. In addition, these systems not only attract users with their technology, but also add meaning and value to their environment with their aesthetics.

Cooling Solutions

Our company continues to support you after sales by producing equipment related to cold stores and cold rooms. When you want to change your technology or if there is a systemic malfunction, we will continue to provide you the best service with cold room equipment.
Our company, which has made a name both in domestic and abroad, meets your expectations at reasonable prices and supports your sales positively as it keeps your products fresh. In this sense, you can contact us for the ideal solutions for shops such as factories, shopping malls, industrial buildings, greengrocers, butchers and markets.

Cold Room Suppliers Manufacturers