You can call our company, Teknotek, which produces global solutions for your needs of cold rooms UK and you can get information about price offer and delivery process.
We create high standard, uninterrupted and trouble-free systems for Cold Room UK. The cold room is designed considering the storage conditions and quantity of the product to be stored. Generally cold rooms are used in different temperatures depending on the product such as vegetables, fruits and dairy products at +4 °C, fresh meat, chicken, and fish at -1 °C, all frozen products at -18 °C. Besides, general shock rooms are used at -40 degrees.

Features of Cold Rooms UK

While external test chambers and processing chambers are made for foodstuffs, specially designed chillers are made for chemicals. Thus, healthy operation of the system is provided at desired temperatures. Chillers should be selected according to the operating conditions.
Panel and insulation part of the cold room is produced from polyurethane filled sandwich systems. Cold storage panels have a density of 40 to 42 as standard. The panels are selected according to the indoor and outdoor temperatures of the room. It has various thicknesses such as 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200 mm.
Cold storage panels are locked with eccentric locks during male-female assembly. This ensures heat and air impermeability. Cold storages can be both dismantled and installed. For cold storage rooms, in installation works of both cooling units and panel insulation should be done by experienced experts.

Exploration Phase of Cold Rooms

Our company offers free exploration service for all cold room demands of various sizes. During the exploration, the user’s ideas and information are collected and the space allocated for the cold storage is examined. Then the project is drawn in autocad format and shared with the customer in formats such as jpeg and pdf.
After customer approval, the successive stages which are production, transportation, assembly and starting are completed and the customer starts to use the cold room smoothly and efficiently.

Delivery and Assembly Processes

The cold store must be delivered and assembled by experts. This is very significant to be relevant directly to the properties, quality and application of the materials with the long life and efficiency of the cold room. Our company has experts and meticulous employees in the fields of exploration, commitment and installation.

Teknotek Service Support

Our company, which also carries out the cold storage services, helps many businesses that have problems with the service. In this way, we deserve to be the reason of choice for new prospective customers. As a result of the discovery, commitment and installation made by experienced people, we often intervene only in case of malfunctions caused by misuse of customers. Our company offers monthly periodical maintenance service to its customers who demand after sales.

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