Cold Storage Chicago is at your service with the professional team of Teknotek Cooling which meets your roof panel and facade needs. Depending on the type of insulation, cold storages providing heat, water, sound insulation and fire safety are the most important equipment of the food sector.
As Cold Storage Chicago, we continue to meet your demands with the most reasonable prices and install systems that can operate 24/7. Cold Storage Systems and Cold Storage Panels offer fast and affordable solutions with high quality and best thermal insulation guarantee in the fields of medical products, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, and food products.

Technotek Cold Storage Chicago

Considering heat insulation and durability, the cold storage panel is the most important part of the cooling system, which will also save energy to be spent in cooling the storage.
Furthermore, cold storage panels must meet each specified standard on an individual basis for optimum efficiency in storage conditions. Standards of our products:

  • Polyurethane support (polyurethane filled parts for insulation)
  • Calibration in part of panels (thickness or insulation density)
  • Exterior surfaces of panel
  • Certificates of panel manufacturer (ISO 9001) and panels (TSE)

Why Use Cold Storage?

In today’s standards, the reason for high amounts of financial loss in products with expiry date is that they are not stored correctly. Its main reason is that the cold stores are not cooled sufficiently. And it is caused by insufficient insulation and poor quality materials used in cooling devices.
We eliminate these problems with our latest technology systems prepared by our expert teams. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we are at your service with the highest quality of Flooring and Insulated Panels for Cold Storage at the most reasonable prices.

Prices of Cold Storage

You can get more information about Cold Storage Manufacturing Ankara. Would you like to have these systems which is better than Turkish standard in your storage? You can have all of these services that we offer at the best prices by a telephone.
Do your storage you want to equip them with the most appropriate solutions on systems in Turkey’s standards? You can have all of these services that we offer at the best prices via a telephone.
Teknotek Cooling Systems serves you with its 13 years of experience and guarantee of high quality work. You can also follow our social media accounts to be informed instantly about discounts and campaigns.

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