Cold Storage Design is carried out according to the characteristics of the area. Cold Storage is used to prolong the storage life of products that have the possibility of deterioration. In this way, the products preserve their natural properties.
With Cold Storage Design, the products that have an early deterioration risk such as agricultural products, bakery products, seafood, and medical products are protected from the first stage to the last stage. With Cold storage, the products preserve their own quality standards.

Cold Storage Design Service

Cold storage is a system that allows the product to be kept frozen or cold or at low temperatures. The purpose of the cold storage design is to maintain temperature and humidity balance appropriate to the quality of product. In this way, products with deterioration risk can be preserved for a long time.
With the cold storage design service, cold storages can be designed depending on capacity and preference. The cooling range is from + 15 ° C to -5 ° C, and the freezing range is from 0 ° C to -40 ° C. The humidity control is adjusted in conformity with the product to be protected. Cooling control of all types of products can be done fully automatic with overload protection. Also, cold storages are designed to be placed platforms which are suitable for loading and unloading.

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Components and Designing of System

Cold storage consists of the following parts:

  • Dry Aging Cabinet
  • Cold Room Panels
  • Cold Room Doors
  • Teknotek Cooling Devices
  • Cold Room Shelves
  • PVC Strip Curtains

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The amount of product is important in the installation of the system, because the storage area is determined accordingly. Products have differences in volume at similar weights. This affects the usage area and purpose of the cold storage. Large areas can be divided and used as smaller rooms. If the central system is desired, cold storage can be installed on the entire area. For this, the most suitable cooling devices and cold room panels should be preferred. The steam fusion is made in accordance with the cold storage standards together with the heat insulation of the equipment under the structure.

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Cold Storage Design