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Industrial Cold Storage Manufacturers

Cold storages are commonly used in every aspect of food industry. Besides fruits and vetegables, various kinds of meat products are also kept fresh for a long time in the cold storage. So, you can protect you all food products healthy through a cold storage.

Cold storage is a technology that all food companies must have at today’s conditions. If the food products are sold inside the boundries of a country, they must be kept in a cold storage after the products are got ready for selling. The cold storage keeps the products for a long time by freezing. Hence, the fruits, vegetables, and meat products that start to spoil in a couple of weeks are able to be fresh for a longer time.

The Advantages of Cold Storage

Cold storage is generally preferred by food companies. Through cold storage, not only improvements on storage conditions of the products that are sold inside of a country is made, but also the transportation of the imported proucts at better conditions is ensured. For the imported products, trucks or ships must have cold storage. Hence, the products arrives to the import area as fresh as the beginning of the transportation thanks to the cold storage.

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How Does Cold Storage Works?

Cold storages are systems that keep the air in the storage at the desired temperature range. Various cooling systems are used in cold storages to adjust the interior temperature to the desired level, so thermal insulation materials are used in these systems to increase energy efficiency. In the use of insulation materials, the temperature of the air in the store is brought to the desired level and then much less energy is spent to keep the temperature constant.

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