Nowadays, Cold Storage Manufacturing is a very difficult and complex task. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we provide you the latest technology products as well as the guarantee of short-term installation and long-term service. Our product line is;

  • Cold Room Evaporators
  • Ammonia Cold Storage Manufacturing
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Dry Storage Manufacturers
  • Glycol Chillers Manufacturing including both air cooled and water cooled type
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Humidification and Ethylene Intake Devices
  • Heat Monitoring Systems

By manufacturing all of these given above, we have become one of the leading and most reliable companies in the sector. Teknotek Cooling Systems attaches great importance to total quality management and manufactures compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality standards.

Cold Storage Manufacturing
Cold Storage Manufacturing

Industrial Cold Storage Manufacturing

Cold Storage Manufacturing varies depending on the product to be stored, location, time, climate conditions, system features you want. All these factors are essential for the temperature adjustment of cold storage.
It is well known that cold storage is a system that allows to preserve all kinds of foods as well as chemical and medical products for a long time without spoiling. It is a prefabricated structure consisting of assembled-disassembled panels, doors and shelf systems.

cold store panels

Cold Storage Manufacturing varies depending on the products to be stored. If you plan to use a large area completely as a cold store, this area can be divided into rooms. Or if you want a centralized system, cooling systems can be installed in the entire area.

  • Cold storages, which can be designed according to capacity or preference, has a Cooling Range between + 15 ° C and -5 ° Freezing range is 0 ° C to -40 ° C and humidity control is adjusted according to the type of product to be preserved.
  • Regardless of what the product is, the cooling control is full automatic and overload protected. Furthermore, the cold storage has platforms which is compatible with loading and unloading.
  • As you wish, you can expand your range of services and also benefit from our other services such as Heat Tracking System, Cold Storage Doors, Cold Storage Panels, and Shelf Systems.

Cold Storage Prices

You can get more information about Cold Store Manufacturing in Ankara. Would you want to equip your warehouse with the most appropriate solutions in the best systems in Turkey? You can have all of these services that we offer at the best prices via a telephone.
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Cold Storage Manufacturing