You can consult us from our contact forms if you are wondering about cold storage panel prices and the properties of the panel you are looking for. You can increase the profitability of your company with cold storage panel types. The system is consisted of 3 parts: industrial panel, wall and ceiling, and floor and insulation. It is offered at affordable prices in Teknotek Cooling.
Cold storage panel prices vary depending on the size of the installation area and the properties of the panel. Our panels are produced with eccentric lock system which makes installation and dismantling easy. Panel types are manufactured between 114 and 1200 cm in length and 6-20 cm in thickness. The product is used in both process areas and freezing depots.

Types of Cold Storage Panel

The prefabricated panel products with polyurethane filling are used in cold storages and rooms and they are very durable. It gives very good results in isolation. Teknotek Cooling manufactures its panel types in accordance with international standards. Panel types can be used in the following workplaces:

  • Patisserie
    Cold Storage Panels Price
    Cold Storage Panels Price
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Industrial cold storage
  • Hospital

The panels produced for such places are designed according to the desired dimensions. In addition, high thermal insulation and energy saving are provided.

Industrial Cold Storage Panel Prices

Your products can stay in cold rooms and warehouses fresh for a long time. So, cold storage and rooms are serious needs for companies that produce products with risk of deterioration. Our company provides services in accordance with the European quality protocol and produces according to ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards.
Teknotek Cooling serves you with the most suitable and advantageous prices. For price information, you can contact us via phone. You can also send your messages through the social media accounts and website of our company, which sets up high quality and guaranteed cold storage with years of experience.

Commercial Cold Room For Sale

Cold Storage Panels Price & Panel Types

There are three different types of panels. The first one is the industrial panel. Through industrial panel, the products can stay in a healthy way without deterioration. The system is produced compatible with the project application so can be manufactured in desired dimensions and features.
The second type of panel is wall-ceiling panel. It reduces energy costs thanks to the polyurethane filling with CE certificate, which provides the highest level of heat insulation. It protects the quality of the products in your cold storage for a long time.
Floor panel is the last type of panel.  Depending on the demand and usage area, it is manufactured that both two surfaces are PVC, Polyester, Cr-Ni, or Galvanized. The inner surface of floor panels are 12 mm thick. Surface layers are made of birch wood. So it is non-slip and moisture resistant. It is hygienic and easy to maintain.

Cold Storage Panels Price