Cooler systems used in factories; the production conditions, the quality of the factory and made according to the manufactured products are air and water-based cooling systems. Cooler systems improve working conditions of the factories, provide comfort, increase motivation and protect the health of employees.

What Is Cooler Systems?

Air circulation in factories is limited, the temperature is high, the heat always stays inside. All these conditions; It causes uncomfortable, unhealthy, suffocating and depressing environment for the personnel working in the factory. These negativities in the working environment lead to a decline in the productivity of the employees, so the employees do not feel happy. With Cooler Systems;

  • A comfortable environment is provided for the workers in the factory.
  • Breathing is very important for people working with body strength. Your employees breathe with Cooling Systems.
  • Due to the comfortable environment provided, the work efficiency of the workers’ increases.
  • Employees feel happier due to the climatic conditions of the working atmosphere.
  • The safety and health needs of the employees are met.

Cooler systems need to work in a certain layout to make the working environment comfortable and to increase the efficiency of the employees. Changes can be made depending on the climate and the ambient temperature. If the temperature does not change too much, the factory cooling systems should also be set to a certain cooling level.

Cooler Systems
Cooler Systems

Evaporative Cooler

Factory owners, who prefer the evaporative cooler option, which works with hot air and the contact of water in the system, have stated that they have obtained high efficiency. The evaporative cooler is a highly effective system for cooling industrial areas within the cooling systems. It increases the efficiency of the employees and maximizes their comfort. Advantages of evaporative cooler are:

  • 10-20% operating costs compared to air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Continuous circulation of clean cold air
  • When the water evaporates to contact with the hot air, it absorbs the heat of the air.

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Cooler Systems