Data Center Humidification System

Data Center humidification system or server room humidification system are air conditioning systems that enable your server rooms to work effectively and under favorable conditions. It is very important to control the humidity level in order to prevent damage to your computers that work continuously and produce high temperatures and to make them work more safely.

Data Center is a constantly working room that stores the main servers of companies and organizations. It has important functions such as providing information technology needs internet services, and storing important information such as company data, personal data. Air conditioning planning should be done in server room setup. Moisture balance should be maintained by using data center humidification system.

Why Use Data Center Humidification System?

  • To Prevent Electrostatic Charges: Server room is a room where many electronic devices work together without stopping. The high heat and electrostatic charges emerged by so many electronic devices lead your devices to wear out and to increase your electricity costs significantly. The lower the humidity level in an environment, the higher the electrostatic charge. Also, uncontrolled discharge of these charges can damage your devices, so causes information loss. Electrostatic charges can be prevented by data center humidity control. Providing the ideal moisture content makes easier to discharge static charges by increasing the conductivity. Thus, the electrostatic charge accumulates less.
  • Prevention of Dust in Data Center: Another disadvantage of electrostatic charges is that it absorbs dust from the air and adheres it to the surface. Dust accumulating on surfaces can block cooling fans of computers or server devices over time. Moisture prevents dust from flying and electrifying.
  • To Cool Rooms: As the server room components operate continuously with high performance, they can emit very high temperatures , so great dangers can be occured. The server room humidifier decreases the air temperature and provides ideal temperature to the devices.

What Should Be The Humidity Content of Data Center?

Moisture content is the amount of water present in the air. According to the researches, the humidity level in the data center should be between 45% and 55%. These humidity levels ensure the devices operate at optimum performance at high safety. However, it is very important to track this humidity rate or fix it using an automatic humidification system. If the humidity drops too low, hazards such as electrostatic discharges and high temperatures arise. If the humidity exceeds 70%, the devices can be seriously damaged. Keeping the humidity level constant will provide the safest environment.

What Should Be The Temperature Of The Server Room?

The answer to the question”What should be the temperature of the server room?” is to adjust the temperature according to the equipment in the room and size of the room. Air circulation in rooms with large server systems should be designed by experts. And cooling systems and humidification systems should be installed accordingly.

The temperature of the UPS room constantly rises due to the high energy consuming and constantly operating equipment. Rising temperature both reduces humidity and can damage devices. If the temperature of the server room increases too much, your electricity costs will increase.

Manufacturer brands and most experts recommend that the temperature of the server room should be kept between 10 ° C and 28 ° C. Some studies suggest a temperature value of 1 ° C / – 21 ° C. Temperature ratio can be calculated according to factors such as equipment used and airflow in the room.

Teknotek humidification systems keep the humidity level in your server room constant with the automatic moisture level balancing. You can contact us for more information about automatic humidification devices.

Data Center Humidification System