Features of Humidifying Devices

As is known, humidification devices have great importance both for hygiene and for maintaining the temperature of the determined environment. The air can only hold a certain amount of water vapor at a certain temperature.

The relative humidity of the saturated air, which cannot keep more moisture, is 100%. The higher the temperature of the air, the higher the amount of water vapor it can keep; the lower the air temperature, the lower the amount of water vapor. Because as the air cools, some part of the steam will become condensed into water.

Mean, when the unsaturated air is cooled to a certain degree, it reaches the saturation point; further cooled, the moisture in the water is separated from the air as droplets. This temperature is called dew point. As you can see, one way to remove excess moisture in the air is to cool the air down below the dew point. Humidification devices are also a second method to easily pass air through the moisture content. As you know, in summer the salt in the kitchen is moistened and it becomes more difficult to flow from the salt. Because common salt (sodium chloride) is very easy to keep moisture.

But it is not suitable for use as dehumidifier because it is corrosive to metals; silica gel and lithium chloride are mostly used for this purpose. Another example is silica gel. When the silica gel is dispersed into a tray and moist air is passed through it, the gel absorbs all the moisture of the air until it reaches its saturation point. Then this tray is automatically driven out and replaced by a new tray filled with dry gel; Meanwhile, the moist gel is re-activated when heated by heating.

In order to moisten very dry air by means of humidifying devices, a number of methods can be applied such as passing the air over a water tank or spraying water through the thin holes that look like showers. Inspection of the humidity in the air is primarily important for the comfort of people. In addition, the quality of the products produced in some factories depends to a great extent on the degree of humidity of the air. In hot and humid weather in the summer, some food items become so moist and sticky that even packaging is difficult. Especially in confectionery, pasta, medicine, photographic film and paper mills it is very important to check the humidity and temperature conditions.

Humidification Devices and Air Conditioning Systems

Some air conditioning systems are designed to heat, moisturize and clean the air only; therefore it can only be used in winter or cold weather. Similarly, Other air conditioning system designed for both cooling, dehumidifying and cleaning the air can only be used in summer or hot weather. Almost all air conditioning systems have an air filter that holds foreign materials such as dust, ash, bristle, flower powder in the air.

The air circulating inside the house passes through this filter first, then it is sent to the rooms again by heating or cooling. As dusts or other foreign substances in the air stick to the filter paper, which is usually sticky, filters must be cleaned or replaced from time to time. Some air conditioners are equipped with electrostatic filters that can hold even the smallest particles of tobacco smoke. These devices give an electric charge to the powder particle, and then remove the particles from the air by pulling these particles away from the air. These plates can be washed away.

Each air conditioning system or device has one or more fans to pass the air through the heating and cooling pipes, through the filters and the ducts into the chambers. These fans are operated by electric motors. Ducts which are heated or cooled, cleaned and humidified, or transported to the chambers are made of light metal plates or pipes. The opening of the channel into the chamber generally has a shutter or a frame with grating.

The air conditioning system designed by Willis H. Carrier (18761950) for the first time has evolved with the contribution of many researchers and reached its present form. This device, with a history of a hundred years, is an integral part of daily life today. The air conditioning systems, especially the people that live in hot countries, help people to be able to sleep comfortably at night and start a new day without disturbing the humid and humid weather of the workplaces. They transformed crowded places such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cinema, cold stores and theaters into a habitable environment. You can contact us right now to take advantage of these systems we offer you with the most reasonable prices.