How to store lemon Lemons should generally be stored at temperatures between 7-10°C. This temperature range slows the ripening of the fruit and prevents spoilage.Storage methods of this fruit variety, which is in the citrus group, vary.

How to store lemon In order for lemons to last for a long time, they must be stored in appropriate conditions. Storing lemons in cold storage rooms is generally one of the most effective methods for this. Keeping lemons away from humid environments and storing them at low temperatures slows down their ripening. In this way, it is aimed to keep it fresh for a longer time.

Good air flow should be ensured in the warehouses where lemons are stored. This helps prevent air from circulating around the lemons and possible mold or mildew growth. Lemons should be protected from direct sunlight. Therefore, the storage area should be in a place not exposed to sunlight or protected from light. Since lemon is a natural antioxidant, it is very useful in healthy nutrition and beauty care. Therefore, it is important to keep the lemon in its freshest form.

Lemons should ideally be stored at a temperature between 7-10°C (45-50°F). This temperature range helps lemons maintain their freshness longer. It is resistant to low humidity levels, but very high humidity levels can cause mold growth. Therefore, humidity in the storage area must be controlled. Ideally, a humidity level below 85% should be maintained.

Along with the work done to improve product quality in lemon production, the storage process is also very important. Cold storages are used to prevent disease transmission to fruits and ensure their health. When stored correctly, the availability of quality lemon products will be high.

How to Store Lemon

In cold room environments, fruits do not lose their vitamin values ​​and remain as fresh as the first day. All fruits and vegetables stored in cold room systems maintain their freshness regardless of the time of year. Thus, it helps the consumer to eat healthily. These methods offer the opportunity to keep lemons fresh for a long time in cold storage.lemon varieties what are:

  • Yellow Lemon: The most commonly consumed lemon type. It is known for its sour taste and bright yellow skin.
  • Green Lemon: Also known as “Key lime”. It is smaller in size and has a stronger flavor profile.
  • Lamas: It is one of the highest quality lemon varieties produced in our country. It is a mid-season product and the highest quality lemon variety produced in our country.

Lemons can last for about 5 months at 90% relative humidity.can be stored.If they remain under the influence of cold for a long time at temperatures below 14 ° C, spots appear on the peels and the fruit pulp becomes straw. These are cold injuries also seen in oranges. In Western countries, short-term storage is also done to regulate the market. For this purpose, 3/4 °C temperature and 90% relative humidity are applied for short-term storage.

How to Store Safe Lemons

In order to reduce the risk of product spoilage in cold storage, temperature rates are adjusted according to the type of fruit. Lemon fruits are sensitive to moisture loss and humidification of the tanks must be done correctly.Most of the losses occurring during storage are deterioration caused by fungi. To prevent this, it is necessary to wrap it in fungicide paper. Lemon in our country’s conditions bed called natura lin refrigerated warehouses is preserved.

How to Store Lemon Picked from a Tree

It is important to store lemons properly so that they stay basically fresh. This helps control the ripening process and prevent mold or fungus growth.To prevent water loss in the product, a suitable benzimidazole fungicide can be applied to the product to keep it fresh for a long time.

How to Store Lemon for the Winter

It is important to keep the fruits stable in cold storage. Varieties harvested in winter are more suitable for long-term storage. In addition, since lemon is a product that does not grow in all seasons, it should be stored without spoiling for use in other seasons. They are stored in cold storages and cooling technologies developed for this process. Thus, it can be kept intact for up to 5 months in warehouses with temperatures varying between 7°C and 10°C.

How to Store Lemon for a Long Time

Lemon is known as a vegetable by most people. But it is a fruit. This feature of lemon comes from the feature of its seed. TOIt is one of the most consumed fruits.SFreshness and quality can be maintained by using cold storage, preservatives and appropriate packaging methods for laundering. One of the characteristics of lemon is that it is frequently used in areas such as cleaning and skin care.

How to Store Lemon