Humidifier for system room is used to eliminate adverse environmental conditions in server rooms of corporate companies that have advanced infrastructure.

The humidifier for system room prevents an increase in the temperature of ambient air and due to the continuous operation of the computer systems. Also, it prevents the spread of electrostatic charge that leads to a malfuction. Electrostatic charge is formed by many computers operating at the same time in a room. With humidification devices, the humidity level of the room is brought to the appropriate level where technological devices can operate. And in the future, it both reduces costs and protects the technological devices you use.

What Are The Usage Purposes of Humidifier for System Room?

Many high-powered electronic devices work together in the system rooms. The heat generated by these devices causes the performance of the devices to decrease and deteriorate over time. At the same time, electrostatic charges may lead to your devices to draw more electricity than necessary, causing both your electricity bills to increase and your devices to fail by overloading them. Additionally, humidification devices keep the environment at the desired temperature and humidity. Balancing the humidity rate allows the electrostatic charges to be dispersed into the ambient. Thus, less load will accumulate on your devices.

Another advantage of humidifier is to prevent dusting. Dust accumulating in server rooms adheres more to electronic devices together with electrostatic charges. Thus, a malfunctions occurs in the cooling sections of the devices like computers and the devices start to heat up. However, overloads and excessive dusting of the devices are prevented through the use of the  humidifier.

What is the Ideal Humidity and Temperature level in System Rooms?

According to researches, the best ambient for technological devices is the system room with a humidity level between  45% and 55%. In order for the devices to continue working at high performance, the humidity of the ambient must be kept between these levels. Humidity levels above 70% can cause serious problems for technological devices.

The ideal temperature level of the system rooms is between 10 ° C and 28 ° C according to the recommendations of various technology companies. On the other hand, there are some studies showing that the system room temperature should be between 1 ° C and -21 ° C.  You can use a humidifier to keep the system room at the desired temperature in compatible with the features of the system you use.

Humidifier for System Room