Industrial Cold Room Doors have 3 different kinds as sliding, hinged and monorail. You can integrate the desired type of door into your cold rooms according to your usage area.
Industrial Cold Room Doors have 40Kg / m3 (densite) polyurethane injection and function properly in terms of heat and air insulation. Cold storage doors can be used in any environment where thermal insulation is required. It is produced using anti-bacterial materials in compliance with HACCP Boards.

Industrial Monorail Cold Room Doors

Monorail, Hinged and Sliding Cold Storage Doors are manufactured by Teknotek Cooling in accordance with the international standards. It is specially designed for cold stores where monorail lines pass. Sliding or Hinged Doors are suitable for use of sliding. Aluminum profiles, stainless arms and composite plastic accessories provide full durability. Door leaf is produced as monoblock from a single point.

  • 40 kg / m³ (density) polyurethane injection
  • PVC coated or stainless steel surfaces
  • Anodized aluminum profiles
  • Panel types in construction with or without threshold
  • Eccentric hinge system
  • Full contact to surface with soft door tires
  • Plastic case profiles that prevent thermal bridges
  • Ergonomic lever door handle with lock
  • Applications of normal and deep presevation
  • Resistance application for deep preservation

Features of PVC Strip Curtains

The product contains an ultraviolet inhibitor that provides resistance to yellowing and cracking because of exposure to the sunlight. A flame retardant chemical was added to the composition to prevent it from burning. It does not block sunlight. Therefore, it can be used both inside and outside of the building because it has excellent features consonent with weather conditions inside and outside. It is suitable for unlimited personnel and vehicle access as well.
Transparency: All kind of our PVC strip curtains and panels are transparent visibly. Therefore, in the case of safety, virtually no loss of vision gives these PVC curtains a distinct advantage.
In addition to being transparent, all our PVC strips and panels contain fire-resistant components and have rounded edges. In order to clean PVC materials, wash with soapy water and rinse it.
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