Industrial cold storage is a method of preserving the products without disturbing their natural properties and in order to extend the storage life. All products that are at risk of premature deterioration can be stored stably in these rooms.

These systems, which have industrial cold storage, temperature, humidity and automatic alarm control panels, are important in terms of storing product freshness and quality without deteriorating. One of the advantages of cold storage is that they provide a hygienic environment for food and medical products to remain clean.

Cold storage Industrial

Cold storage has easy-to-clean surfaces, stainless steel finish, and other features to meet the required hygienic standards. It is designed to ensure that the air flow in the room is suitable for its purpose by assembling the polyurethane high-density panels of industrial cold storages in the right thicknesses and correctly. In this way, the installation can be completed without wasting much time. The climatic conditions of the region where it is established are among the most important factors. It is important in terms of usability to choose cold storage doors in accordance with the project according to the project.

In addition to ensuring that the products are protected for a long time without minimum heat and energy loss, the locations of the cooling units must also be determined correctly in order for the cold room to work efficiently. Otherwise, the cold room will not be able to fulfill its cooling task. Products with a risk of early deterioration should be stored in warehouses without breaking the cold chain, starting from production to consumption. To the question of how costly is cold storage; Prices vary due to many factors such as the material used and the size of the area. Overall, the cost of cold storage projects can vary greatly depending on the specific requirements of the investor and the scale of the project. Paying attention to the specific storage conditions for each type of product helps you maintain the quality of the products.

Industrial Cold Storage

Cold storages should be checked regularly for temperature, humidity, air circulation and hygiene. Proper storage conditions extend the freshness and shelf life of the products and allow the user to consume them fresh. Specially selected coolers and motor groups are used according to the type of product to be stored in cold rooms, and it also allows the products to be stored at low temperatures, frozen or with freezing units. Due to the developing population and decreasing resources, it has been of great importance in the industrial sector in recent years with its storage conditions and the availability of fresh products at all times. In the medical sense, it can be said that it has important effects on human health thanks to its drug storage. Therefore, it is very important for the quality of products stored in hygienic conditions.

Industrial Cold Storage