innovative cooling systems are designed in order to meet your expectations and raise your business standards and its quality in every sense. The design is divided into parts to ensure 100% efficiency from our services. Each part is made perfect in the area where it is used, thus job quality is maximized.

While innovative cooling systems meet the needs of the industry sector while providing heat, water, and sound insulation depending on the insulation structure and fire safety. In addition to being economical, aesthetic, and high quality, it also protects the structure safely from external atmospheric conditions.
Teknotek Cooling Systems continues its activities in our country and abroad without slowing down. In recent years, Teknotek has responded to many buildings such as social buildings, industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, and shopping centers in an affordable way for roof, facade and interior partitioning needs. Cold room systems which can be used as coating material in cold air rooms are ready to offer you with the most reasonable prices.

innovative cooling systems
innovative cooling systems

innovative cooling systems

The main purpose of Cold Storage Systems is to reduce heat loss or heat gain to zero in the specified area. In particular, thanks to our systems developed and produced in recent years, we do not know any limits in service. We are creating the most suitable cold storage standards for you in Cold Storage Panels, Cold Storage Doors and Warehouse Cooling Systems.

  • Cold Storage Door Systems

Cold Room Door Systems have many types and options which are Monorail Sliding Door, Monorail Hinged Door, Sliding Door, Hinged Doors, and Flip – Flap Doors. With the improvements made, you can have an isolated environment in terms of not only heat but also sound with our perfected door systems.

Cold Storage Panels are one of the most important parts of storage cooling systems. Roof, facade, wall and floor panels should be used to provide thermal insulation.The panels used in Cold Storage are the most ideal material that gives excellent results in thermal insulation in terms of their durability, ease of installation and technical qualities. All of our systems can be used in ideal sizes to suit different usage areas, such as industrial cold storage facilities installed in accordance with international standards.

  • Cold Storage Shelf Systems

Shelvings ensure that the cold storage space is used with maximum efficiency and that the cold air is distributed evenly throughout the storage. Cold Room Shelvings are in standard sizes and are examined in three different groups as chrome plated, painted and stainless. All of these systems can be used in cold stores and cold rooms with the devices provided by Teknotek.

  • Cold Storage PVC Curtain Systems

PVC Strip Curtain provides the highest standards of insulation in all areas where separation or isolation is required. It is especially preferred for loading dock, cooler and freezer doors, entrance and exit conveyor, and personnel entrance doors. In the case of refrigerated lorry doors, welding rooms, and where two spaces need to be separated from each other, PVC Strip Curtain fully meets your need. Once assembled, it does not require maintenance and is used for years. PVC Strip curtains are resistant to yellowing and cracking in sunlight thanks to an ultraviolet blocking material. PVC Strip Curtain is preferable because of its economical prices, durability and wide usage area.

Cold Storage Teknotek

Would you like to take advantage of cold storage systems and their affordable prices? You can have our systems and standards with a phone. You can take a new step to the future by contacting us without waiting.

innovative cooling systems