As Teknotek, we are working to be the first name that comes to mind of Insulated Panels and Industrial Cooling Systems.The quality of our products and service starts with our team’s expertise in the field. Our human resources strategy is to get the maximum benefit from our employees’ talents, power and creativity, so we employ the best staff. Our goal is to be the leading company in the sector that creates added value by providing our customers with smooth, stable and most efficient service.

Structure of Insulated Panels

Insulated Panel is examined in three parts as Industrial Panel, Wall and Ceiling, Floor and Insulation. Today, the reason of high amounts of financial loss in products with expiration dates is that they are not stored accurately. The main causes of incorrect cooling are the insufficient cooling of the cold storage, insufficiencies, and poor quality materials in the devices used for cooling. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we are at your service with our highest quality devices at the most reasonable prices.

Industrial Panel

Industrial Cold Room Panel and Insulated Panels are fast and practical solutions for healthy, safe and contemporary storage to keep the products to be stored fresh.
Cold storages are manufactured in desired dimensions and specifications for your projects. Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Panels have 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm thickness, 1114 mm widthness and optionally length from 500 mm to 12.000 mm. 42 kg / m3 density rigid polyurethane foam is injected between the panels.

Wall and Ceiling Panel

Wall and Ceiling Panel for Cold Storage are produced in the same or different surface options on both surfaces (PVC) (Polyester) (Cr-Ni) (Galvanized) depending on the demand and usage area.

Insulation and Floor Panels

Inner surface of standard floor panels  is 12 mm thick. The surface layers are made of original birch wood, and  they are non-slip, moisture-proof, hygienic and practical, easy to maintain, dark brown, hexagonal textured. The plywood has a density of 240 gr / m2. The outer surface is 0.50 mm thick and made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The floor panels are capable of carrying a uniform load of 3,000 kg / m2 (PLW + Galv) (PVC + KON + Galv) (Mat Cr – Ni + KON + Galv). Optionally it is produced in sheet.

insulated panels