International Cold Storage Teknotek provides professional services to ensure the complete isolation of the area to be cooled and the stable operation of the installed system.
International Cold Storage Teknotek provides cold storages which are produced with the aim of storing the products in a healthy way at temperatures down to -40 ° C. Cold Storage Roof and Facade Panels reduces your energy costs with high thermal insulation thanks to CE Certified Polyurethane filling. It helps to preserve the quality of the products in your cold storage for a long time.

Technical Specifications of Cooling Systems

It may have semi-hermetic, scroll or screw compressor. It is produced as air or water cooled condenser. It may have semi-hermetic or screw compressor with air-cooled condenser system. It is shipped ready for installation with electrical panel and all automatic control elements. The indoor and outdoor units are delivered with nitrogen charge.
The cooling mechanism has an electrostatic painted steel galvanized frame. There is a compressor system which is gradually activated and a wide capacity option is available. Condenser and evaporator selections suitable for the capacity are made by our professional technical service

International Cold Storage by Teknotek

If you want to benefit from all the highest standards of services at the best prices, all you have to do is contact us. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we continue to satisfy our customers with our products and grow in the areas where we operate.
Teknotek Cooling Devices used in cold storages have ISO 9001, TUV and CE certificate. Teknotek is a well-known leading brand in Europe and the world. With its high quality and standards, its all products work smoothly for many years and consume less electricity due to its energy efficiency, thus reduce operating costs.

Chiller and Split Cooling Systems

There are contactors in three-phase compressors in existing systems. Fans with 6-pole guarantee uninterrupted cooling. In the structure of cooling devices, there are high quality equipments such as electrostatic powder coated steel, galvanized cabin, copper pipe, aluminum lamella condenser. Thanks to the filter driers, the problem of icing is completely eliminated. In addition, valve cleaning process can be performed easily with the help of service and maintenance on the liquid line.
Cold Storage devices can be designed in compliance with capacity or preference. Their cooling range is  + 15 ° C to -5 ° C, and freezing range is 0 ° C to -40 ° C. Humidity control is adjusted according to the type of product to be kept.

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