Misting and Humidification Systems

Misting and humidification systems can be quite advantageous. Production lines utilizing humidification systems have better efficiency and lower costs. Humidification systems may increase your profitability.

Misting and humidification systems are one of the most important elements of production lines. Humidity level in a facility has a variety of impacts ranging from product quality to machine efficiency. Controlling humidity level is essential in many different sectors. To achieve this, artificial air conditioning is provided using industrial humidification equipment.

What are Misting and Humidification Systems?

Humidification systems sustain the relative humidity level and provide artificial air conditioning in an environment. They spray water in micro-particles. Water particles impact the humidity level in the air. Thus, the humidity level of an environment is changed. Automatic humidification equipment constantly works and can sustain the humidity level.

Where is Misting Machine Used?

Also known as misting machine, humidification systems are very important in many different sectors. They must be used in hygroscopic sectors where humidity levels are not constant. Industrial humidification equipment’s use of area are as follows:

  • Cold storage rooms
  • Food stores
  • Greenhouses, germination rooms
  • Production and storage of tobacco products
  • Laboratories,
  • Offset printing
  • Textile and fabric manufacture

Humidification systems are used in the sectors listed above and many others. Humidification systems offer increased efficiency of production.

Why are Humidification Systems Used?

Using humidification systems in production lines and storehouses is beneficial in many ways:

  • Loss of weight is prevented because moisture balance of products is preserved,
  • Quality of products is protected,
  • Devices are protected through electrostatic discharge,
  • Dust accumulation is prevented,
  • Workers are provided with a healthier and more comfortable workspace.

Humidification Systems

Thanks to its oscillator, Teknotek humidification equipment sprays water particles smaller than 10 μm and provides a humidity control between 25% and 95%. It can work without human interference for a long time because of its automatic water filling system. Through its low maintenance cost and high performance, it lowers the cost of your work and increases your efficiency.

As Teknotek we offer cooling solutions that suit best your area of activity. Through design, production and installation of cold storage rooms, we assist you to store your products under ideal conditions. We provide artificial weather conditioning through Teknocold cooling equipment and Teknotek humidification systems. You may contact us for prices of cold storage room and humidification system project design.

Misting and Humidification Systems