Mushroom Humidifier

Mushroom humidifier is an ideal system for humidification in germination room. It is very important in terms of the necessary humidification of the rooms in the germination room and the health and efficiency of the mushroom.

The mushroom humidifier produced by our company moisturizes the mushrooms very efficiently compared to many other humidification devices in the market. If humidification systems do not have the necessary technical specifications, they can cause damage to the mushrooms and decrease productivity as they cannot provide the required moisture.

Teknotek Mushroom Humidifier

The humidifier adjusts and controls temperature and humidity of the large areas inside germination room accordance with the condition of the mushrooms. The moisture content for mushroom growing must be between 85% and 95%. This moisture requirement is provided by the humidifiers produced by our company.

The system also regulates parameters such as CO², humidity and heat, if desired. High pressure pumps spray the water into the nozzles and the nozzles convert the water into fog. After that, fog is distributed to the germination room through water resistant fans.

Humidification Systems

Humidity control is done with hygrostat, and then the humidity is brought to the desired level. The CO² and the moisture content in the different areas of the germination room are reflected on a panel. So, they can be controlled. The system working with the “plug-and-run” method provides a lot of convenience for the users. There are an additional power supply  and contactors used to control in the humidifier.

For Which Purposes Is Germination Room Humidifiers Used?

Humidificier used in germination room meets the 85% to 95% humidity level required by the mushroom. While mushrooms grow, they lose a great deal of water. The water lost by the mushrooms is covered by the humidifier. Thus, the mushrooms do not dry out and  hot humidification  and disinfection processes can be carried out with the humidification system. In other words, the system has different functions besides humidification. Therefore, the system is very economical as it has different features.

Humidifier and Fogger for Germination Room

Humidifier and Fogger have many benefits for your business as follows:

  • The system uses less energy.
  • The system provides high performance.
  • The efficiency of the products increases.
  • With the timer system, the system runs automatically even when you are not in the germination room.
  • Humidification system can also be applied in closed areas.

Moisture is an important factor in mushroom growing. The humidifier systems produced by Teknotek Cooling perform the humidification process of your products in the germination room without any errors. The system can reduce the temperature of the germination rooms to 15 degrees. The products are not affected by temperature and humidity in any way, even if it is a baking hot day in summer. The system is highly preferred by mushroom growers as it provides low water consumption and energy saving. The system manufactured by our company is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.

Mushroom Humidifier