Sliding Cold Storage Doors

Sliding Cold Storage Doors

  • 40 kg / m³ (density) polyurethane injection
  • PVC coating or stainless steel sheet surfaces
  • Anodized aluminum profiles
  • Bearing rail system that provides axial movement
  • Polyemid door wheels
  • Heat bridge preventive plastic case profiles
  • Surface contact with soft door tires
  • Ergonomic outer and inner opening handle
  • Normal and deep enclosure applications
  • Resistance application and light indicator for deep enclosure

Technicial Specifications:
Door Dimensions Table

Net width
WxH (cm)
case dimensions
W1xH1 (cm)
80×180 90×195
90×190 100×195
100×190 110×195
100×200 110×205
110×200 120×205
120×200 130×205
120×220 130×225
130×220 140×225
140×220 150×225

A Polyurethane Injection Door
B Soft door tires
C PVC and aluminum frame
D Wall or panel
E Carrier system
F Movement mechanism
H Clear transition height
H1 Frame clearance height
W Net transition width
W1 Frame width
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