PVC Strip curtain prices. As Teknotek, we have a wide variety of cold room products and offer special services to your cold storages or areas you want. PVC Strip curtain is an indispensable unit of cold storage. It offers an economical opportunity as well as preventing heat loss.

PVC Strip curtain prices. Contact us through our contact forms or phone numbers to get detailed information about Teknotek’s quality, experience, reliability and product range. PVC Strip curtains are curtain doors that prevent the heat loss of your products stored in the cold storage.

Types of PVC Strip Curtain

  • Standard Strip Curtain
  • Reinforced Strip Curtain
  • Low Temperature Strip Curtain
  • Anti-Bacterial Strip Curtain
  • Anti-Static Strip Curtain
  • Freezer Strip Curtain
  • Orange Strip Curtain
  • Red Strip Curtain

PVC Strip curtains are preferred because of their affordable prices and made of durable material. They vary on the cold storage systems and features of the usage area such as temperature values.  PVC Strips are examined in 4 parts: standard, colored, polar and reinforced. Pvc Strips can have 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm width and 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm thickness. Our expert team —which we have assigned for you— projects by choosing the most suitable product type for you. Please contact us through our contact forms or phone numbers for the best products and prices with Teknotek quality and service guarantee.

PVC Strip Curtain Prices

The most suitable PVC Strip curtains for your project are determined by our expert team that we have assigned for you. It has different features for each sector. Antibacterial PVC Strip Curtains are ideal for the food and industrial sector while Transparent Strip Curtains are preferred for indoor and outdoor warehouses and warehouse factory doors. Another example is the use of Frosted Strip Curtains or fire-resistant PVC Strip Curtains for idle warehouses and areas where the inside is not desired to be seen such as dishwashing area. PVC Strip Curtains can be easily installed with no technical expertise. Please contact us if you want to take advantage of our PVC Strip Curtains that are most suitable for your sector and products. You can contact us through our contact forms or phone numbers to benefit from Teknotek high quality and reliable service at the most affordable prices.

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