Pvc Strip Curtain is an insulation tool used extensively in door and land partition applications. While it reduces hot or cold air losses, it also increases economic efficiency with energy savings. It is an ideal product for cold storage doors, doors for shipping, doors for factory and warehouse, paint shop doors, kitchen doors, food production facilities, steam rooms and all kinds of production areas to seperate into smaller parts.
Pvc Strip Curtain protect your business from birds, flies, insects and all kinds of flying pests. It reduces fluctuation of air polluting odour, gas, dust and so on and stops them to spread . Since this feature, it helps greatly the establish a sanitary zone in cold containers and process areas. The Curtain which is cleaned up easily requires minimum maintenance. Pvc Strip Curtain has very good light transmittance. It also helps to ensure a safe work environment in any sense by cutting off the source of light that is harmful to the eye in the source areas.
PVC Curtain vary depending on some criteria of usage area such as the properties, temperature value, and purpose of use. PVC Curtain Strips are examined in 4 sections as standard, colored, polar and reinforced. PVC strips can have 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm width and 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm thickness. The strip choice varies depending on the intended use, the width or length of the door or the area to be applied, and the material or vehicle to pass through. As Teknotek Cooling, we accompany you. With our expert teams, we make the most appropriate product selection and project. All you need to do is to contact us immediately in order to benefit from our guarantee of high standardized service at reasonable prices.

The Features of PVC Strip Curtains

The product contains an ultraviolet inhibitor that provides resistance to yellowing and cracking because of exposure to the sunlight. A flame retardant chemical was added to the composition to prevent it from burning. It does not block sunlight. Therefore, it can be used both inside and outside of the building because it has excellent features consonent with weather conditions inside and outside. It is suitable for unlimited personnel and vehicle access as well.

  1. Transparency: All kind of our PVC strip curtains and panels are transparent visibl Therefore, in the case of safety, virtually no loss of vision gives these PVC curtains a distinct advantage.
  2. Safety: In addition to being transparent, all our PVC strips and panels contain fire-resistant components and have rounded edges.
  3. Cleaning: Wash with soapy water and rinse it to clean PVC materials.

The Types of PVC Strip Curtain

  • Standard Strip Curtain
  • Reinforced Strip Curtain
  • Low Temperature Smooth
  • Anti-Bacterial Strip Curtain
  • Anti-Static Strip Curtain
  • Freezer Curtain Strip
  • Orange Strip Curtain
  • Red Strip Curtain
pvc strip curtain