Refrigeration Rooms is the assembling of all cooling machines in a single center when there is more than one cooling area. It is the most efficient cooling system that provides energy saving and ease of installation. The product is manufactured in a boutique method to produce solutions for customers’ special needs.
Refrigeration Rooms have cooling signals from each cooling point. A new compressor is not activated each time for these signals. The current capacity of the currently operating compressor (s) is utilized.This results in electricity savings of 20% to 30%.
On this basis, the system amortises in 4-5 years. These units consist of a parallel connection of various sized compressors and anti vibration material on a robust chassis. Depending on the size of the system, these compressors can be ranged from 0.5 HP 2-cylinder compressors to 80 HP 8-cylinder compressors.
Central Cooling Systems. In individual cooling system, pipes drawn to each condensing unit create a complex installation. The installation of the Central Cooling Systems has been simplified with the materials taken from the main line to the condensing units. Central Cooling Systems have easier installation as well as easier preserving.

Technical Specifications of Central Refrigeration Rooms

  • Compressors are semi-Hermetic, scroll or screw compressor.
  • It is produced with air or water cooled condenser.
  • Semi-hermetic or screw compressor, and air-cooled condenser.
  • It is shipped ready for installation with electrical panel and all automatic control elements.
  • The indoor and outdoor units are delivered with nitrogen charge.
  • It has electrostatic painted steel galvanized chassis.
  • There is a compressor system which is activated gradually
  • Large capacity option is
  • Selections of condenser and evaporator are madedepending on the capacity.

Advantages of Central Cooling Systems

  • Produced in accordance with world standards.
  • High efficiency cooling.
  • It includes reliable equipment with high
  • It has a design that provide easy installation and installation.
  • It suits up to different mounting styles.
  • There is an external unit for easy maintenance.
  • Manufacturing in accordance with HACCP standards.
  • It has evaporator design which minimizes moisture loss in stored product.
  • It provides energy saving by extending defrost time intervals and decreasing number of defrost.

Thanks to long cooling periods without defrost, operating costs reduce.
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