Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room

Refrigeration Unit for Cold Room is manufactured under the name of Tekno Cold Cooling Devices and distributed by Teknotek Cooling Systems. Refrigeration unit which is produced in two types as monoblock and split are environmentally friendly, microprocessed digital controlled, automatic defrosting. Furthermore, It is an advanced technology devices that can be assembled to modular cold storage and industrial cold storage easily in a short time.
Tekno Cold Refrigeration Unit for Cold Room has ISO 9001, TUV and CE certifications. It is a well known leading brand in Europe and in the world. With its high quality and standards, it works smoothly for many years, consumes less electricity thanks to its energy efficiency and thus reduces operating costs.
The operating range of Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room is -5 / + 5 ° C. The capacities of the devices vary between 13,540 Watt and 377,240 Watt. Air permeability has been reduced to zero thanks to its durable case that is resistant to the adverse conditions of the outdoor environment. Depending on your needs, you can instantly benefit from product variety and its special model options.
One of the reasons why refrigration unit and its advantages are the most preferred is its high efficiency and low noise level. Equipped with the highest quality equipment, these systems have placement options into floor or wall. It offers you quick and effective solutions with its easy installation feature.

Technical Features of Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room

The refrigeration units are divided into two parts;

  • Industrial Split AC Stand
  • Chiller Cooling Systems

There are contactors in three-phase compressors in existing systems. 6-pole fans provide a guarantee of uninterrupted cooling. Electrostatic powder coated steel, galvanized cabinet, copper pipe, aluminum lamella condenser quality equipments are used in the structure of the Cooling Devices. Thanks to the drier filters, the problem of icing is completely eliminated. Moreover, cleaning process can be done easily with the help of service and maintenance valve on the liquid line.

Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room
Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room

Storage cooling devices that can be designed based on capacity or preference are in the range of + 15 ° C to -5 ° C. While freezing range is 0 ° C to -40 ° C, humidity control is adjusted according to the type of product to be kept.

  • Preparation Areas for Meat / Fish + 8 ° C / + 15 ° C
  • Cool Storage + 2 ° C / + 10 ° C
  • Cold Storage -5 ° C / + 5 ° C
  • Frozen Storage -15 ° C / -25 ° C
  • Deep-Freeze -35 ° C / -40 ° C

Teknotek Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room

Regardless of what the product is, the cooling control is fully automatic and overload protected. In addition, it is designed as including platforms which is suitable for loading and unloading. Optionally,you can expand your range of services and benefit from our other services such as Heat Tracking system, Cold Storage Doors, Shelf Systems, Cold Storage Panels, Monorail Doors.
You can have all of these services that we offer with the best prices via a telephone. Teknotek Cooling Systems is with you with its 13 years of experience as well as the quality work guarantee. You can also follow our social media accounts and be informed instantly about discounts and campaigns.

Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room