Remote Monitoring System for Cold Room

The Remote Monitoring System for Cold Room ensures that any product stored in cold storage can be safely controlled.
Thanks to the Remote Monitoring System for Cold Room, it is easier to intervene while continuously controlling the internal conditions of the rooms. Information and alarm values ​​from the control devices reach the relevant persons instantly. In this way, the necessary intervention can be made without loss of time and losses that may occur in your cold room can be prevented.

Features of Remote Monitoring System for Cold Room

  • The effective alarm management system detects alarm cases and sends out the necessary alerts to ensure optimal operation of the application.
  • You can access your cold room via the internet, check or change all the parameters of the system.
  • You can see the temperature values ​​of the cold room instantly and retrospectively.
  • With the recording in HACCP standards, your temperature values ​​are recorded retrospectively for 1 year. It ensures the quality of fresh and frozen food with continuous information recording, HACCP reports and timely alarm notifications. It also ensures compliance with UNI EN 12830 rules.
  • In case of malfunction, a warning message is sent to the addresses registered in the system. There is also optional fax and SMS sending.
  • The remote monitoring system for the cold room is equipped with USB, Ethernet, RS485 and modem connection ports to allow maximum connection to your cold room.
  • It can connect up to 494 devices with remote monitoring system for cold rooms. It can be used in industrial cold storage, supermarket, hypermarket, large storage facilities and distribution centers, as well as in food manufacturing facilities such as fast food chains, catering companies.

External Connection Unit and Controlling

If desired, additional external units can be installed in all environments and areas where there is a Heat Monitoring System. These units can be monitored and controlled by giving commands through the system. With this feature, measures can be taken by running up on cutting up an additional unit in case of risk.
It provides a 7/24 service guarantee by adjusting and fixing the optional heat values with the Heat Monitoring Systems for Cold Storage. The temperature and humidity values of all the areas where the Heat Monitoring System is installed can be monitored and controlled at any time period without interruption and distance problems.

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Features of Remote Monitoring System for Cold Room