You can contact Teknotek Cooling for information about sandwich panel prices and technical specifications of our products. Sandwich panels are one of the most necessary and mandatory component of the cooling system to be installed.
You can call our company at any time of the day for the information about sandwich panel price. Especially, sandwich panel for cooling systems to be installed in closed areas is known as one of the indispensable parts. Our company is able to supply high quality of sandwich panels for the cooling systems designed by itself.

Sandwich Panel Price
Sandwich Panel Price

Sandwich Panels

Cooling is a significant process that should be used by the companies producing and trading on food and chemicals. Cooling systems are required to prevent product deterioration, to maintain their freshness and to present them in a healthy way to customers. Thanks to the cooling systems produced by our company,

  • Your products will be kept fresh longer.
  • Your products will be resistant to heat and moisture.
  • Your products will remain under stable temperature and humidity.
  • Your products will be protected against microorganism formation.

Thanks to these specifications, the products will be protected against the deterioration caused by the chemical reaction of the enzymes existing in their structure due to factors such as air, inappropriate temperature and variable humidity, so that microorganisms will not be formed. In the products you produce or trade, the absence of such negativities will increase your profitability, thus making you more preferred.

High Quality of Sandwich Panel Price

Considering the comprehensive technical specifications of durability with heat insulation, energy savings that can be spent during cooling of the tank will also be provided. This is the most important feature of cooling logic. In addition, all the standards of the cold air panels that have been determined in order to provide optimum efficiency in storage conditions must be present in the cooling system. These specifications and certificates of the panel can be listed as follows:

  • Polyurethane support (polyurethane filled parts for insulation)
  • Calibration in the additional panels(thickness or insulation density)
  • Exterior surfaces of panel
  • Panel manufacturer (ISO 9001)

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All of the specifications above are required to establish an area isolated from external conditions. Considering the operating principles of cooling systems, it is also very important to minimize energy use. Therefore, in order to save, the isolation and manufacturing material of the sandwiches are among the prominent factors. It makes variation in the manufacturing costs of the sandwiches.

Sandwich Panel Price