The Cold Room Panels, sandwich roof and facade panels provide heat, water and sound insulation and fire safety depending on the kind of insulation in the buildings that make life easier and comfortable and meet the needs of the industry. Besides being economic, aesthetic and having high quality, it also performs the process of protecting the structure safely from external atmospheric conditions.
The Cold Room Panels provide healthy storage due to thermal insulation. Today, the reason of high amounts of financial loss in products with expiration dates is that they are not stored accurately. The main causes of incorrect cooling are the insufficient cooling of the cold storage, insufficiencies, and poor quality materials in the devices used for cooling. As Teknotek Cooling Systems, we are at your service with our highest quality devices at the most reasonable prices.

Manufacture of The Cold Room Panels

Cold Store Panel is produced with the eccentric lock system. This system allows easy assembly and disassembly. Cold Storage Panel is produced in any desired size: width up to 114 cm, and length up to 1200 cm.
The thicknesses of the panels are produced in a wide range between 6cm and 20 cm. The panel, which can be used in all kinds of areas from process areas to deep freezer, meets all needs. Galvanized sheet, polyester coated sheet, stainless chrome nickel sheet can be used as exterior coating material for panels. Furthermore, the panels are produced with a certain amount of polyurethane filling between two sheet metal plates, so this method allows the panels to be prefabricated.
Cold Store Panel is examined in three parts as Industrial Panel, Wall and Ceiling, and Insulated Floor.

Technical Properties of Cold Storage Panels

Cold Storage Panels are divided into four groups based on their functions and places. These panels used in cold storage provide excellent results in thermal insulation in terms of their durability, ease of installation and technical features. All of our panels are designed and manufactured in compliance with the international standards. It can be used in ideal dimensions fitting with different usage areas such as restaurant, patisserie, supermarket, industrial cold storage, hospitals. It provides maximum energy saving by creating high thermal insulation.

  • Floor Panel and Insulation
  • Wall Panel and Ceiling Panel
  • Roof Panel and Facade Panel
  • Industrial Cold Storage Panel

Cold Storage Panels are produced in any desired length up to 12 m and in width of 1.14 m. The thickness of Cold Storage Panels varies between 6cm and 20cm.

The Cold Room Panels