Types of Cold Room Panels consists of wall, ceiling and floor panels. The panels are interlocked with a specially designed eccentric lock system. The lock system ensures that the structures of the panels are assembled and disassembled without damage.
The types of cold room panels comply with the food regulations and are produced using four different surface materials. Cold Storage Floor and Insulation Panels are systems that can be easily installed on steel construction without needing concrete in office floorings. Teknotek Cooling provides production in accordance with international standards.

What are the types of cold room panels?

The use of Cold Room Panels in the installation of Cold Storages around the world makes a very important contribution to energy saving.
Cold Room Panels must meet all requirements to keep cold storages at efficient operating standards. Our PUR Insulated Cold Room Panels provide airtightness of your storage, maintain an appropriate level of thermal insulation, and offer advanced insulation technology to provide turn-key solutions in your cold storage.
Cold Room Panels are produced in thicknesses of 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm.
The panels are 1110 mm wide as standard and can be produced up to 13.50 meters long. Panels are locked system (pull and lockable) feature, chrome material is used in the lock system.
The panels are joined to each other with male-female detail. Wall and Ceiling Panels comply with food regulations and are produced using four different surface materials.

Wall, Ceiling and Floor Panels

POLY: It is painted on RAL 9002 color polyester on galvanized sheet.
PVC: 120 μ Antibacterial PVC coating on galvanized sheet.
CRNI: 304 quality 1st class stainless material.
PVDF: Antibacterial PVDF coating on 0.6 mm galvanized sheet.
Floor Panels: It complies with the food regulations and is produced by using two different surface materials.
PLW: Non-slip PLYWOOD material with honeycomb pattern for the surface.
CRNI: 304 quality stainless material on plywood material for surface.

Insulated Refrigeration Panels

What are the types of cold room panels?