US Cold storage is a refrigeration system that are manufactured and used in order to preserve freshness of fruits and vegetables collected from fields or gardens. Innovative companies, that want to make a profit by providing good and quality service to their customers, need cold storages according to their operating condition and business volume.
US Cold storage is one of the systems that protect foodstuffs before their expiration date. In today’s conditions, one-third of food products deteriorate or decay. Food trading companies should preserve their foodstuffs as fresh as the day it was produced in order to providing best service to their customers, and not to reduce their profits. Both vegetable and animal source foods have a certain expiration date.

Why is a cold store necessary?

Fresh vegetables, fruits and animal source foods deteriorate very quickly. For this, all food products must be protected in a cold environment. Cold storages allow you to make your trade more organized and sustainable by installing the entire system to meet your needs.Following systems meet your needs:

  • Cold weather
  • Storage
  • Preventing product deterioration
  • Ensuring production control and order

Advantages of US Cold Storage

These systems have many different advantages. The most important advantage is to prevent producers and traders from losing money. By using different protection methods at different temperatures, nutritional quality of the foods are preserved. In this way, consumers are offered fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the year. Also, if you trade in foreign markets, the cold store will meet your exact needs.

Properties of Cold Storage

Systems designed specifically for your company protect vegetables and fruits no matter what season of the year. Fresh vegetables and fruits that are preserved without freezing may lose their quality when thawed. However, cold storages keep the products natural between 1 ° C and 15 ° C depending on the vegetables and fruits. Fruit and vegetables containing more than 80% water do not lose their water when stored under these conditions.

What are the Methods of US Cold Storage?

Cold storage provides protection of fruits and vegetables by 4 different methods. The cooling processes are carried out by following methods:

  • Cold storage, which is a cooling method above freezing temperatures of products
  • Deep freeze for longer product protection
  • Freeze-drying of frozen products by dehumidification with steam devices in a deaerated room
  • Pre-cooling by lowering the temperature of vegetables and fruits before sending them for long-term preservation

Project Designing of Cold Storage

Cold storages can be produced in different ways according to their capacities and cooling techniques. The capacity of the product to be stored and storage techniques are among the main elements at this point. In addition, projects are developed by taking into account the characteristics of the area.

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