What are Absorption Chiller Systems?

What are Absorption Chiller Systems For Warehouse? The system used for heating and cooling purposes does not harm the environment. It supports business budget by saving energy.
So, What are Absorption Chiller Systems For Warehouse?  Absorption chillers can work with renewable sources like solar and geothermal energy. It is also possible to get power from thermal energy sources such as waste heat discharged from industrial facilities.

What are Absorption Chiller Systems? How are They Used?

Absorption Systems are more complicated compared to other cooling systems and have lower coefficient of performance. However, it is very useful in the recycling of waste and renewable energies.  Although compression is done with a compressor in other systems, it is done through a system that absorbs with a generator in absorption systems.
Its working principle is similar to vapor compression cooling. In vapor compression cooling systems, there are mechanical compressors that provide fluid circulation and use maximum electrical energy. In the absorption chillers, the device absorbing via a generator is used instead. This device can also be called thermal compressor.
There are two different fluids in absorption cooling systems. The first is the refrigerant; the other acts as absorber. Today, ammonia (NH3) -Water and Water-Lithium Bromide (LiBr) are also preferred.

Absorption Chiller Systems For Cold Storage

Solar cooling can be a very valuable option depending on seasonal conditions of location. Solar energy is generally used to heat water both potentially and practically. Absorption chillers have been developed to make both cooling and heating.  In this sense, it makes a great contribution to energy saving.
Absorption chillers, which we install in cold storage of commercial enterprises, significantly reduce the electricity costs.

Teknotek Absorption Chiller Systems

In Turkey and many locations around the world, Teknotek act with regard to advantageous price and professional service philosophy.  We offer cooling systems to a wide range of industries, from social structures to industrial structures, from factories to warehouses, from shopping malls to food producers. In addition to the cooling devices, you can also choose us for cold storage installation.

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What are Absorption Chiller Systems?