What is Dry Aging Fridge? The system used as meat aging cabinet is healthy, long lasting, and high efficient. Companies related to meat products such as facilities and restaurants are in need of aging fridges.
What is Dry Aging Fridge? This system, which can be explained as “dry resting of meat” or “dry aging of meat”, is widely preferred in the food industry today. Quality preservation of beef is possible by keeping meat on the bone between 21 and 28 days at 80-86% humidity and + 2C degree temperature. Teknotek offers you dry aging fridge that work for many years without any problems and serves with its widespread service network.

What is Dry Aging Fridge? Why Use It?

Dry Aging Fridge has different advantages compared to conventional coolers. Aging Fridges are coolers that work at a certain temperaturem it is kept at an average temperature and without moisture loss.
You can immediately benefit from the services offered by Teknotek Cooling Systems on Dry Aging Fridges and buy these systems with the most affordable prices. You can call us to get more information about the system. It is possible to reach this system provided professionally by means of a phone.

Industrial Dry Aging Fridge

Dry Aging Fridges can be with single or double doors. You can choose the product according to your needs and size of workplace. All transportation and installation services are provided by Teknotek Cooling with its professional teams.

  • While the dimension of the single door Dry Aging Fridge system is 90 * 85 * 210,
  • The dimension of the double door Dry Aging Fridge system is 155 * 85 * 210.

Shelves of vertical-type glazed systems can be increased at the request of the customer. As you wish, it is possible to increase storage area for preservation of meat and meat products thanks to the built-in smart design inside fridge. Shelves are made of stainless wires, thus protecting health of users and purchasers. Shelves are made of metals detected as a result of long-term researches to increase your profit.

Dry Aging Fridge Systems

Dry aging fridges have racks to hang meets on. There is a specially prepared lighting system in the fridge, so the heating problem is solved. With the fan cooling system used, you will not have a problem like icing. You can also control the system from home and adjust the temperature with the control devices.
With our professional staff and comprehensive systems, we produce professional solutions across the world, especially in Asia and Europe from Turkey. If you want to get information about the prices of dry aging fridge, you can contact us.

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