Absorption Cooling Systems in Warehouse, used with aims of heating and cooling, provides both energy saving and environmental protection. Efficient use of energy and  rising opportunities to benefit from renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important. As in all systems, application methods of renewable energy sources and their applicability with a resonable prices have great importance in the cold storage sector. The absorption cooling system, which is one of the system used for cooling, are renewable like solar energy and geothermal energy. It is preferred by our customers because it works with thermal energy sources like waste heat came from industrial facilities.

Absorption Cooling Systems used in Warehouse are more complex and have smaller coefficient of cooling performance than other cooling systems; however they are the most suitable systems to take benefit from wastes and renewable energies. Although in other systems the process of compression is done by compressors, it is carried out with a system consisting of absorber and generator in absorption systems. If you want to take advantage of these systems at the most affordable prices, you just need to contact us. 

absorption cooling system
Absorption Cooling System

Absorption Cooling Systems in Warehouse

Absorption Cooling Systems are basically similar in fundamental principle to the vapor-compression refrigeration system. The vapor-compression refrigeration system uses mechanical compressors which provide fluid circulation and consume the most electrical energy. However, the Absorption Cooling Systems use a generator and absorber mechanism, known as thermal compressors. Two different fluids circulate in the absorption cooling system.

The first one is the coolant and the other serves as the absorber. The pairs of Ammonia (NH3) – Water and Water-Lithium Bromide (LiBr) are used in application in the recent years despite the fact that they are very fluid pairs.

Cooling with solar energy, especially air conditioning, is one of the processes that are needed during the seasons when solar energy is highest. In our country, solar energy is used for both application and having high potential in hot water heating. The development of these systems which makes them to use in heating as well as in cooling plays an important role in environmental and energy saving.

Teknotek Cooling Systems have served in the recent works with an friendly and affordable approach and satisfied the customers who need service in social and industrial structures, factories and warehouses, shopping centers in our country and abroad.

Cold room systems and panels which can be used as coating material in cold air rooms are ready to be offered you with the most reasonable prices. If you want to take advantage of absorption cooling systems and their advantages at the most reasonable prices without damaging the nature, please contact us without further waiting. For a better future, choose Teknotek Cooling Systems. You can also follow our social media accounts and be aware of our advantageous campaigns and discounts.

absorption cooling system